2020-10-18 Meeting Summary

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Othreleth Woods

Stock taking

  • OW tree models: give BigMush, MedMush and TallMush's caps hue variation, at least 3 different shades of orange, in order to break up visual monotony. 
  • The OW tree series requires stump and log assets: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/othreleth-woods-logs-and-stumps
  • T_Mm_FloraOW_BigMush: combine bigmush into 3-5 prefabbed models, minimizing the necessity to use modular legs. Deprecate some superfluous legs and bodies. Needs general work (the assets are not good, NiStencils, vector shading, probably other issues) 
  • T_Mw_FloraOw_TallMush: needs general work (the assets are not good, NiStencils, vector shading, probably other issues). Add some bent-over variations that have either grown wrong, or died. Don’t have the top of the mushrooms present on broken log versions.
  • T_MW_FloraOW_MedMush: The models need a general touching up. Aside from adding hue variations, repurpose 05 and 06 to have a "bulb" like the T_MW_FloraAT_Tree* models in order to allow placing cupling vines and/or shelf fungus sprouting from it.
  • T_Mw_FloraOW_Cupling: move the cupling models from the current roots onto BigMush legs and logs and stumps.
  • Teal and orange lichens: new OW equivalents to the vanilla green, red and black lichens. A yellow and white might be good too.
  • T_Mw_FloraOw_Ovary: recolour the ends to be purple, retain the orange variety - particularly for use in TV. Worth trying out a green variation too.
  • T_Mw_FloraOW_Rockburst: deprecate the current static and create a new container plant. Update the ingredient to match. https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/othreleth-woods-rockburst-redo
  • Extant flora: Blister Spore, table fungi (all colours), tentatively - orange moss (riparian zones), Geran Trees (border only), Zifa trees (riparian zones).
  • Coral fungi, an understory plant similar in size to temple dome mushrooms, Cream/paste ingredient that isn't colour specific. https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/othreleth-woods-coral-fungus
  • Shrouded cap fungi: bush-sized mushroom https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/othreleth-woods-shroud-cap
  • Poison bloom: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/poison-bloom rare plant found only in the darkest parts of OW (outside and an even more bioluminescent one in caves). The plant releases poisonous gas that harms the player, but has an expensive, rare ingredient.
  • New moss: BC moss is alpha-transparent and is too flat. Something like it but better suited for OW is needed. 

Template Meeting

The OW meeting was suggested for November 14th/15th.