2020-11-21 Meeting Summary

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2016-01-25 21:01
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  1. What assets that we currently have should get used?

    Covered in a past meeting

  2. What existing assets need to be modified?

    Covered in a past meeting

  3. What new assets (models/textures) need to be made?


  • Mushroom tree roots for dungeons
  • OW still needs unique fauna conceptualising. 


  • Netch
  • Octonetch (rename me)
  • Yeth Grubs
  • Kwama
  • Goblins
  • Wild Silt Striders (activator)
  • Dewstag
  • Swamp trolls (in grottos)
  • Mudcrabs (with lichen growing on them?)
  • Predatory giant crab monster
  • Rats (not weird enough?)
  • Slaughterfish
  • Passive fish
  • Parasitic Nix-Hounds
  • Glowbug (activator)
  • Photodragon (activator)


  1. What CS work needs to be done?

    Cicero needs to keep hammering out the region showcase cells as new assets are created

  2. What sort of interiors would this region have (caves, tombs, etc), and in what proportions?

    Overgrown daedric shrines, a single necessary Dunmer Stronghold, velothi towers along the perimeter, small dwemer ruins towards Kragen Mar, Reman ruins towards the border with Cyrodiil. Forgotten Redoran ancestral tombs scattered throughout the wilderness of the woods, and hlaalu ancestral tombs near Kragenmoor, Hlaalu towns and along Veloth’s path. Caves: grottos, smugglers, parasitic fungus caves, kwama mines, amethyst mines, misc beast caves, goblin caves.


  1. How many of each type of interior are needed? 

    • 4-5 daedric ruins

    • 4-5 velothi towers

    • ~3 smaller dwemer ruins

    • 1 amethyst mine

    • ~7 river-side grottos

    • 2 reman forts

    • a max of 5 kwama mines

    • 1 tribe-specific goblin cave

    • Many ancestral tombs: Redoran in the wilderness and Hlaalu near Kragen Mar and occasionally near other towns and along Veloth's Path.


  1. Guidelines for the appearances of the interior (tileset, assets to use/avoid)?

    • SH cave tileset in the south neat the Shipal Shin border

    • Pycave close to the Armun/Velothi Mountains 

    • Moldcave in the woods

    • Mudcave near water (such as river bank caverns or grottos)

    • Consequently, this is not a region where a cave can suddenly turn into an underground Dwemer ruin or Chimer Stronghold.

    • There are already T_Cr_Goblin assets from PT that should be used for Goblin interiors.

    • Caves can have one odd amethyst node

    • Reman ruins contain Oathbound (Akaviri and undead soldiers). Potential traps to keep out people: Bear traps, Gas traps, Sotha Sil blade traps (these would of course need new assets to fit the tileset). Bandits camping out in the ruin exterior


  1. Brainstorm/start a thread on the forums for “blurbs” for the interiors

    • Like for the exterior, interiors can feature environmental hazards, to increase the region's difficulty alongside the creature list.