2020-12-27 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Progress has happened with merging/redistributing assets.

The MT hall originally placed in Narsis is going to find a place in Andothren. The manor it replaces will be moved over a bit, replacing a building that will be moved to an empty shell in the east, the other building it replaces will be moved to the western harbour.

As soon as Tamriel_Data v8 beta 3/release candidate 1 is done, chef wants to go back to it.

Andothren NPCing and its impact on questing should be put as a new agenda point. While Charger has done most of the work, he is missing a comprehensive Who’s Who of the nobility; while he does not want to give every NPC unique lines, the nobles at least should have something to say.

Cross-Province Armor and Weapon Stats

The problem was described, but nothing has been done yet.

What we are currently lacking is a unified list of vanilla and TD sets to pin-point outliers (both over- and underpowered). Jani proposed to do a Python export next week and this could be put into the PT wiki for easy comparison.