2021-01-03 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Andothren Progress

The issues laid out in the last meeting are in development.

Andothren West Interiors can be opened as soon as chef is done with an additional two manors.

Tier 2 Temple interiors

Vern proposed the following guideline

The core elements each temple must retain are as follows: 

  • The top floor is the main shrine the tribunal themselves 
  • The ground floor is the priests quarters and saintly shrines 
  • The basement is the public ancestral tomb 
  • The sole leeway here is that the stairways to the public tomb provide space for additional rooms, this should be done sparingly. 

Vanilla clearly has these broken into sections, the issue we have seen in the past is temples getting designed free-hand with their interiors designed like (and often with pieces for) Velothi towers, not based off the design principles vanilla presents.

This was adopted as written.

Clambering Moor

After the TD8 bugfix release: 

  1. Expand the Kartur section as shown on the map
  2. Create a new Shipal-Shin section file
  3. Before development starts on the city of Kartur itself, it needs to be cut into its own file
  4. Create a new road connecting Rhanim and Kogomar
  5. Defuse the grenade by splitting this island's “arms” into separate bits
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2017-10-08 01:57
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DOD Progress

All interiors have been put up for claiming outside Andothren.
RB section: The flora overhaul needs to be finished, Bodrem redo should be started after Andothren, Cicero wanted to rework cliffs and terrain to be more in line with Vanilla.
AA section: Southern dustbowl ridge needs work, same with the OW border cells.
SVM section: Missing landscape near the Cyrodiil border, some navigation issues need to be ironed out.