2021-01-24 Meeting Summary

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Unified Wiki

The main goal of the unified wiki (http://wiki.project-tamriel.com) is to encapsulate the things that UESP does not, can not cover: lore info without ESO and TES V bits strewn in, fluff, information for developers and so on. 

TR will be migrating planning content currently hosted in the handbook to the PT wiki, which is being picked up by writers again. The main structural change from the old wiki is that namespaces will have been erased.

Bugfix release

There will be a lot of bugfixing being done this week by arvisrend, after which (31st January and later) Why has volunteered to take over changelog and release duty.

Twin Lamps 

The Twin Lamps have a presence in Andothren.

Their leader is a Khajiit slave cook in Mathyn Manor. They might have some other presence in Andothren (a ship in the harbour? Some place on the east side? An abolitionist Hlaalu noble's manor?). 

One quest is to free two slaves, another to sabotage/deliver sabotaged slave bracers, there might be one of blackmailing a noble to become a supporter of TL operations, and flushing the sewers to get rid of a CT smuggling cell (smuggling slaves across the Inner Sea) is worth considering