2022-01-16 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

Retroactively discussing the Morag Tong questline addition to DoD.

Discussing the Hlan Oek release along with possible Almas Thirr edits, see these three write-ups. If we get through that topic, some others can be considered:

Dwemer junk mace and a general discussion about issues with lack of communication and interaction between asset work on Discord and asset work on the site. (Progress posted to Discord not making it back to the site, feedback on the forum and Discord running in parallel, etc.)

Future Releases

  • TV NPC claims second pass
    • The Hlan Oek Zenithar cult should be discussed more before NPCing. After discussion with Infragris and Thomas, the Knights of Iron from High Rock might be a bad fit and a (perhaps more Nibenese) Zenithar cult should probably be substituted (no real effect on interiors).
  • Possibly more Narsis/Shipal-shin interior claim discussions.
  • A new transitional region between Alt Orethan and the Deshaan Plains.
  • Sorting out which cites have which guild halls
    • Thieves Guild
    • Morag Tong
    • How much do the Temple and Cult need this?
  • Resolving more Imperial Cult issues, perhaps up to a Template Meeting
    • IC shrines start appearing in Thirr Valley and need a better overarching characterisation
    • The faction endgame
  • Daedric shrines
    • Daedric cultists (how active are they, where are they active, what is the Temple doing against them, etc. The shrines on Vvardenfell have been recently re-populated according to in-game dialogue, so we may want to square that with having them populated on the mainland)
    • Good Daedra shrines. Each only gets one in the base game, each in a unique situation with none of the typical hostile cultists etc. We need to figure out what role shrines to the Good Daedra should play on the mainland.
  • Same thing for the Psijjic Order.
    • Requires Infragris and a whole lot of lore-aware people.
  • The integration of PI (Padomiac Isles) assets through TR's browser.

Meeting Notes

Hlan Oek

Imperial Cult chapel

  • Will be moved out of Hlan Oek, possibly to Kragenmoor
  • Nav Andaram will also get a small divine shrine and/or temple by player choice

Additional Connection to the Thirr

  • Approved
  • The road will need to be rerouted a little, shouldn’t be too hard
  • The island could be connected by a bridge ships can sail under, but should probably just be left an island. It could always have some sort of skiff docked there as a ferry or something.
  • The current road could still be partially used and expanded to connect to isolated tomb entrances and the like.

Sload in the sewers

  • Getting removed from Hlan Oek

Morag Tong

  • No issues with the Morag Tong writs in DoD
  • Everyone present was in favour of more Morag Tong writs in the Hlan Oek release, based in Roa Dyr’s Black Hand Hall, with a target/targets in OE
  • For the time being using the dialogue filters was fine with everyone present
  • At some point, more complex quests could be added with OE like defending a writ with the barristers guild, someone in OE working with the Dark Brotherhood etc.

Ward of Akavir and Wraithmail

  • Ward of Akavir needs a standard definition version, both texture and model
  • The textures need more contrast, with highlights for the black scales, slightly larger scales
  • People like the version of the wraithmail currently uploaded the best
  • It also needs a standard definition version

Dwemer Junk Mace

  • Should maybe be kept but used primarily by goblins near Dwemer Ruins, perhaps a specific chief, probably using Aleister’s version.
  • More improvised weapon: sawblade throwing star (made), centurion sphere sword (attachment like concept wraithguard?) and shield (just add straps)

Daedric Ruins

  • Bad Daedra ruins will have enemies for gameplay reasons, even though the Temple is supposed to be good at keeping them clear.
  • Probably the enemies should be more Daedra than cultists
  • The good Daedra shrines should be focused more towards core areas like Boethiah’s Spine and Kragenmoor (in conjunction with Veloth’s Path), Mephalan Vales and Morag Tong-related areas, etc., more deliberate and situational
  • They shouldn’t be placed like standard Daedric ruins, but should have a reason/justification for being specifically Good Daedra shrines.
  • Azura can be a bit more common
  • A lot of good Daedra shrines might have become legitimate places of worship (no longer Daedric ruins, explaining why good Daedra shrines are rarer than bad Daedra shrines, along with a lack of cultists)
  • There can be a few under Temple supervision

Section File Work

  • Thirr Valley can be split at any point/ASAP, especially if Hlan Oek and other areas of Thirr Valley will be getting worked on simultaneously.
  • Thirr Valley and Shipal-Shin should be kept separate for now (aside from some border matching work).
  • Cicero already did a proof of concept for adjusting Hlan Oek’s layout and will continue working off of it.
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Vern did the proof of concept for HO. I just helped a little

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