2022-03-20 Meeting Summary - Seyda Neen travel

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Proposed Agenda

Proposed topics are moving the TR_Travels ship service in Seyda Neen to a more suitable location (where the main difficulty will be agreeing on what location is more suitable) and discussing abby's Uvesig Tong proposal

Potential topics: further Almas Thirr planning (who does what when) and Sundered Scar discussion (sorting out any remaining asset claims, exterior claim borders, possibly setting up design claims for them). Possibly further quest discussion.

Future Releases

  • A general discussion about issues with lack of communication and interaction between asset work on Discord and asset work on the site. (Progress posted to Discord not making it back to the site, feedback on the forum and Discord running in parallel, etc.)
  • TV NPC claims second pass
  • Possibly more Narsis/Shipal-shin interior claim discussions.
  • The former Hlan Oek Zenithar cult should be discussed more. It is being removed from Hlan Oek likely to Kragenmoor. After discussion with Infragris and Thomas, the Knights of Iron from High Rock might be a bad fit and a (perhaps more Nibenese) Zenithar cult should probably be substituted (no real effect on interiors).
  • Sorting out which cites have which guild halls
    • Thieves Guild
    • Morag Tong
    • How much do the Temple and Cult need this?
  • Resolving more Imperial Cult issues, perhaps up to a Template Meeting
    • IC shrines start appearing in Thirr Valley and need a better overarching characterisation
    • The faction endgame
  • Same thing for the Psijjic Order.
    • Requires Infragris and a whole lot of lore-aware people.
  • The integration of PI (Padomiac Isles) assets through TR's browser.

Meeting Notes

Uvesig Tong Questline

The questline is approved (with a few changes that will be updated in the description, mainly for the last quest) at this time unless any complaints are given within the week.


As discussed in Halfway before the meeting the ship will remain in its current location in Seyda Neen at this time.  The issues will be fixed, such as unlocking the gate and fixing the area where the player can fall off the port.  The ship may be switched to a larger ship when one becomes available.

Streamlining Forum/Discord Feedback and Usage

Discussed potential ways to get people to update claims on the Forum:.

  • Discord Bot that checks the Claims for updates and pokes people was discussed. Unsure how viable this is at this time.
  • Just having staff check claims and poke people for updates on Discord. Would work but also extra busy work for Senior Devs/Leads.
  • Just remind people more often to post WIPs to their claims.


In the past there was an issue with Showcases falling through the cracks and not getting reviewed.  Proposal to add in a #Showcase Channel in the TR discord as PT has. As well as potentially changing Showcases from general forum posts on the site to being in the asset browser.

Agreed for sure that a Discord channel for Showcases will be added. The asset browser question remains unsettled.