2022-03-27 Meeting Summary - Sundered Scar, Dunmer Trade Tongs

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2015-08-10 20:50
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Proposed Agenda

The main topics for this meeting will be Vern's Dunmeri trade guild proposal and (assuming Gnomey does his homework for once) setting up the TV NPCing design claims.

Potential topics: further Almas Thirr planning (who does what when) and Sundered Scar discussion (sorting out any remaining asset claims, exterior claim borders, possibly setting up design claims for them). Possibly further quest discussion.

Future Releases

  • A general discussion about issues with lack of communication and interaction between asset work on Discord and asset work on the site. (Progress posted to Discord not making it back to the site, feedback on the forum and Discord running in parallel, etc.)
  • Possibly more Narsis/Shipal-shin interior claim discussions.
  • The former Hlan Oek Zenithar cult should be discussed more. It is being removed from Hlan Oek likely to Kragenmoor. After discussion with Infragris and Thomas, the Knights of Iron from High Rock might be a bad fit and a (perhaps more Nibenese) Zenithar cult should probably be substituted (no real effect on interiors).
  • Sorting out which cites have which guild halls
    • Thieves Guild
    • Morag Tong
    • How much do the Temple and Cult need this?
  • Resolving more Imperial Cult issues, perhaps up to a Template Meeting
    • IC shrines start appearing in Thirr Valley and need a better overarching characterisation
    • The faction endgame
  • The integration of PI (Padomiac Isles) assets through TR's browser.

Meeting Notes

Dunmer Trade Tongs

Generally the trade tongs seem to be positively received.
The slaver’s tong and ash sweeps came up as more questionable additions.

The Slaver’s Tong seems like it could take focus away from the slaving activities of the houses and their nobles, who make for more complex and compelling antagonists for abolitionist activities, as well as the cat-chatcher’s tong, who are more interesting.

The Ash Sweeps are a nice concept, but wouldn’t add much to the game aside from having been mentioned in lore one time, and can’t be shown in the context they were mentioned in (on Vvardenfell).
They could perhaps just be handled as one or two NPCs in a place like Arvud with unique dialogue as opposed to a faction.

On which note it was mentioned that faction content should generally keep to Tamriel_Data, including generic dialogue like expulsion dialogue.

In terms of ranks, Gnomey thinks thrall is an odd fit that might have meant to be part of Morag Tong’s more cultish identity rather than being fit for trade tongs, and suggests Initiate as an alternative.

Hlan Oek Claims

We should set up some NPCing claims for the Hlan Oek release; the main ones being:

  • an NPCing claim for Hlan Oek itself (which will require some more conceptualization with aspects like the Zenithar cult)
  • a wilderness NPCing claim (which should probably include Almas Thirr touch-ups, unless there’s enough there for its own claim)
  • perhaps an additional generic dialogue claim.

Sundered Scar Release

Make sure to refer to the template meetings:



We took stock of some assets needed for Sundered Scar, including parasitic nix-hounds, good retextures for sulfur pools, rock textures (which Cicero will handle, probably sticking to rounded rocks rather than the spire rocks).

Near volcanoes more standard Molag-Amur rocks including spires could be used.

Assets we have:

  • Some textures
  • Some Rocks
  • Parastylus (old though)
  • brown Beetle
  • Land Dreugh
  • Vent worms
  • Sulfur ingredient
  • Scathcraw
  • Trama roots
  • Red lichen
  • Water fountain particle effect
  • Indoril ruin assets
  • Figs (PT though so HQ)
  • Sweet Barrels
  • Black Roses
  • Ash Yams

Sulfuric willow concept including tube worms, see below.

Assets needed:

  • rock retextures
  • scathcraw variants
  • parasitic nix hound -- possible model edits, stats
  • parastylus edits -- keeping the current design
  • tube fungus -- taken from the tube worms in the above sulfuric willow concept (which don't match the tube worms models we already have) without the tubes.
  • willows
  • sulfur pools
  • sulfur planes
  • land textures
  • sweet barrel variants
  • sulfur containers
  • native figs
  • alchemist’s globe fungus

The exterior claim map proposed in the meeting:

The claim map proposed in the meeting.

Assuming no further changes, this map can be used as the basis for setting up the exterior design claims.

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As the chance has now resurfaced, I would like my palms to be restored for their intended use:
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At least to see if it works. If not then mudflats is fine.

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