2022-05-15 Meeting Summary - Telvannis Levelled Lists

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Proposed Agenda

As soon as new exterior entrances are added to SVM interior descriptions should be sorted out for them so that those claims can go up as soon as possible.

Once abby has reworked her Imperial Legion planning write-up that can also be discussed. Otherwise, Vern's Dunmeri trade guild proposal could use further discussion and TV NPCing design claims could be set up.

Future Releases

  • A general discussion about issues with lack of communication and interaction between asset work on Discord and asset work on the site. (Progress posted to Discord not making it back to the site, feedback on the forum and Discord running in parallel, etc.)
  • Possibly more Narsis/Shipal-shin interior claim discussions.
  • The former Hlan Oek Zenithar cult should be discussed more. It is being removed from Hlan Oek likely to Kragenmoor. After discussion with Infragris and Thomas, the Knights of Iron from High Rock might be a bad fit and a (perhaps more Nibenese) Zenithar cult should probably be substituted (no real effect on interiors).
  • Sorting out which cites have which guild halls
    • Thieves Guild
    • Morag Tong
    • How much do the Temple and Cult need this?
  • Resolving more Imperial Cult issues, perhaps up to a Template Meeting
    • IC shrines start appearing in Thirr Valley and need a better overarching characterisation
    • The faction endgame
  • The integration of PI (Padomiac Isles) assets through TR's browser.

Meeting Notes

Creature Lists

The levelled lists for Dagon Urul and Boethiah’s Spine were discussed and directly implemented. Among other changes, the regions got some Daedra matching the Daedric prince the region is associated with along with atronachs, beetles including the parastylus, cliff racers and breeding netches.
Some Daedra, like dremora and rock chisel clannfear, should be individually placed where they make sense (single creature lists), same for land dreugh.

Daedric levelled lists which have Daedra associated with specific Daedra princes would be good to have, eg. a Dagon daedra levelled list.

In the pre-meeting discussion, adjustments to the region assignments were also discussed, basically matching up to this sketch (with the two islands in frame near the new Spine region shifted to Padomaic Sea):

Note that the region IDs should probably not be changed to avoid issues, only the region names. (Of course, references to the region names will still need to be thoroughly replaced).

As a random note, butterflies will be renamed to flutterbies (Flutterby singular), whatever else happens to those assets.