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2018-08-13 09:52
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I've checked over the interiors in Andothren East, the following is my assessment of what needs to be done, done in conjunction with Arvisrend and Gnomeys notes

General note: RE-ID the ints for consistency and ease of navigation


GOOD: only personal taste concerns that wont interfere with NPCing

OKAY: minor errors can be fixed by section holder, might interfere with NPCing

NEEDS WORK: Should probably be cut out to be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed

DOESNT FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: needs to be cut out and and fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed

SCRAP IT: Needs to be cut and a new claim be opened to replace it.


i4_109- OKAY, could do with some cluttering, but serviceable, needs a pathgrid

i4_110- NEEDS WORK would recommend reworking the show floor so that there is a front bench and thinning the amount of merchandise guard or no this is excessive, not to mention somewhat blandly cluttered in the rest, needs a pathgrid

i4_111 upper- GOOD, needs a pathgrid

i4_111 lower- GOOD, would slightly decrease the amount of food, needs a pathgrid

i4_112- NEEDS WORK weirdly designed, I'd probably cut the upper room off into its own cell and do some choice edits around the place. Otherwise agreed with Arvis assessment of being a gang bar, needs a pathgrid

i4_113- NEEDS WORK, not as severe as others, just needs some extra cluttering in the entryway and outer hall, also swapping the downstairs table with a desk. Does seem to be the home of an author, needs a pathgrid

i4_114-SCRAP IT, The focus of the origonal claimant was on accommodating the tree in the middle rather than having a council room, meeting areas, offices, ect. This is supposed to be the face of house Hlaalu in Andothren and it comes woefully short of that purpose.

i4_114 deprecate- GOOD, agreed with Arvis assesment, with the caveat its shape might not actually fit a conventional shell, needs a pathgrid

i4_115-DOESNT FIT EXTERIOR, the int needs to be redesigned to accommodate, not to mention address the clutter concerns IE nothing outlander or religious in the int

i4_116 DOESNT FIT SHELL, or more accurately tries to follow the shell exactly, needs to be re-worked to ensure consistency.

i4_117 NEEDS WORK, weirdly designed would probably suggest splitting into two separate ints, agree with Arvis boringly cluttered, needs a pathgrid

i4_118 GOOD, just needs some ingredients from DoD added, needs a pathgrid

i4_119, NEEDS WORK, the Mephala stuff looks memey and out of place but the actual store is fine, just a few spots that could do with some more clutter, needs a pathgrid

i4_120, NEEDS WORK, agreed with arvis without information on the kind of person living here the int just seems strangely put together, needs a pathgrid

i4_121, OKAY, I agree with Arvis assessment that its an odd choice in location for a purely poor residence but could also be the home of council clerk or the like, might suggest swapping the furniture with de_m in that case, needs a pathgrid

i4_122, NEEDS WORK, badly cluttered, needs a pathgrid

i4_123, NEEDS WORK, Would suggest redesigning this and scrapping one of the tenants, three groups of people living in such a small complex is odd and somewhat out of sync with the rest of the town, needs a pathgrid

i4_124 tavern, DOESNT FIT EXTERIOR, needs to be redesigned to accommodate, needs a pathgrid

TR_Andothren Hideout, GOOD, with the caveat about its purpose being reworked. Possibly a beggar enclave rather than thieves? Needs a pathgrid

i4_124 trader, DOESNT FIT THE EXTERIOR, needs to be redesigned to accommodate, needs a pathgrid

i4_125, DOESNT FIT EXTERIOR, top floors need to be reworked for consistency and would suggest flipping the lower floors to the other side of the building, clutter wise could do with a look over, the addition of MG banners and a pathgrid

i4_126, DOESNT FIT EXTERIOR, needs to be reworked to fit, also claim description says middle class so should use de_m, needs a pathgrid

i4_127 1, GOOD, replace the de_p with de_m furniture, needs a pathgrid

i4_127 2, GOOD, replace the de_p with de_m furniture and remove the odd weapons (axes, two handed hammers, ect. Not really weapons used by guards) needs a pathgrid

i4_460, GOOD, needs a pathgrid

i4_461, DOESNT FIT EXTERIOR, needs to be reworked to fit, needs a pathgrid

i4_462, NEEDS WORK, Unsure how well the lower floor actually fits and its not all that well cluttered, would advise re-working the entire shell significantly but may not be essential, clutter-wise the entryway is somewhat generic and the redoran Hearth needs to be replaced with a hlaalu style alternative (kitbashing will be required)

i4_463, missing?

i4_464, GOOD, needs a pathgrid

i4_465, GOOD,doesnt really fit the description, just a general good lower-class int, needs a pathgrid

Andothren warehouse, NEEDS WORK, not enough clutter should have a basement added for additional storage

TR_i4-305 cabin, GOOD, would swap the table with a desk but thats it, needs a pathgrid

TR_i4-305 upper deck, OKAY, add some extra ropes, remove the rugs and swap the lights for ones that aren’t glass, needs a pathgrid

TR_i4-305 lower deck, OKAY, needs the lights swapped and made less white, some cobwebs and the like to make it more scummy would be good, needs a pathgrid

TR_i4-96-Hla Temple SCRAPT IT, agree with Arvis/Gnomey's assessment too much work to be salvaged

TR_i4-96-Hla Tomb, SCRAP IT, agree with Arvis/Gnomey's assessment too much work to be salvaged

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2015-08-10 20:50
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Gave these one last look-over, and here are my notes. For the most part, while you're certainly more critical of the ints than I am, that's probably a good thing (and why you're a reviewer). Except for the Dancing Cup, you have my go-ahead to work on these; I should have the relevant interiors split off tomorrow.

110 - oh boy, agreed. I think the interior should be relocated though, as this one would work better as an upscale Hlaalu shop and the exterior shell technically bleeds into 112. (shell ex_hlaalu_b_08)
111 - I still am personally not sure if interiors as small as the upper one need a pathgrid, as NPCs can't possibly get stuck there. No harm in adding one though.
112 - I rather like the weirdness of the shell, as it makes it seem like a place with secrets and is rather quaint. No harm in tweaking it, though. Gang bar indeed, or something shady anyway.
113 - the orange moss obviously needs to be re-replaced with the MH plants. I don't see the need to use a desk instead of a table as the latter serves the function well enough, but as you like.
114 - this one isn't really bad IMO, but you make a good point. Probably better to redo. (I wouldn't mind the tree idea being kept in a more elegant fashion, but as you point out that should be secondary...
114 DEPRECATED - agreed this can be used, though I'm not quite sure which shell it would fit.
115 - my outlander assumption was based on the boar's head and some of the books, though there's also Saryoni's sermon as the only hint I can see of religious. This would work better as an outlander house for the record, but it doesn't really need to be spelled out with clutter; NPCing will take care of that.
116 - hm, a pity to undo the effort of the claimant, but probably the right call. That said, one corner of the exterior shell is bleeding into another building, and the interior shell is a bit incorrect there anyway.
117 - as a general note, (which I think I replied to gro-Dahl with), I would *really* not clutter homes intending them to be used by a Blades agent. It's better to take existing NPCs and make them Blades agents in post. None of the vanilla agents have 'I'M A SPY' flags around their homes.
119 - hm. Looking at it again, I do think the Mephala stuff may be worth keeping; could be a Morag Tong agent or perhaps a devotee of Mephala looking to become one or something.
120 - agreed. Though I do like the sloped roof under the exterior stairs.
121 - I don't personally see an issue with it being a poor house; it's behind the council house rather than in front of it and right at the entrance of the city. It sort of gives me the impression of someone who recently moved in. Won't onject to him getting a pay raise though if that's preferred.
123 - hm. While I would not object to breaking things up, I could see this as a sort of boarding house for people looking for work either in Andothren or with the intent to move on to Vvardenfell; a bit of a boom-town feel. An ex-Ashlander, and Orc, that kind of thing.
124 Dancing Cup - keeping in mind that this is bigger than its exterior, it has the hideout below it and it may end up being the TG headquarters lately, I think the redesigning of this one will need a bit more thought put into it.
124 trader - for the record, I meant that the other 124 doesn't make use of part of the exterior shell, and so this 124 could extend into the unused part of the other building. A bad idea in hindsight; better to just make each fit its shell.
125 - sounds good. Not a bad interior, but could be improved.
126 - this might get away with remaining upper class due to its proximity to the council house. Your call.
127 1 - doing something different for the bunk up top wouldn't hurt; I assume I tested going through there, but it looks too narrow...
460 - this sort of looks like a fisher's house, so I may consider moving it.
461 - this is a rather weird one; do as you see fit.
462 - I don't think the shell is too bad, but otherwise agree. There are some fairly painless cobble possibilities for a Hlaalu forge. The guildhall looks pretty humdrum to me, but that might not be a bad thing depending on characterisation. Might be worth thinking this one over a bit more.

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2018-08-13 09:52
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112 - Mean weird as in the below the bar section didnt seem well thought out with the contents.
119 - Eh, again the implimentation just doesnt justify it and try-hard fanboy conjures up all of the worst memories of TR's past work with the Tong.
120 - Might be worth preserving that, the cluttering was the oddity here.
123 - The issue is more squarely the size of the building as compared to its supposed role, being a pair of tenmants would work out fine for that, but three goes too far.
126 - Could, but on the otherhand making sure de_m is appearing where it should in andothren is also something of a goal here.

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Checked the ext again and noticed two slight discrepencies

113- Very large merchant stall out the front, built into the house as well so apparently the owner is a merchant who is well read, not an author. Should be taken into account when its getting new clutter.

115- smith set up behind it so I'd assume that this is the residence of said, again should be taken into account when its fixed up and re-cluttered

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