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2018-08-13 09:52
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I've checked over the interiors in Andothren West, the following is my assessment of what needs to be done, though I've only checked against gro-dahls somewhat thin origonal notes on the subject

Given Andothren wests exterior is set to be heavily edited some notes in the following may be subject to change but most will hold true for these ints and it should help with selecting which to cull.


GOOD: only personal taste concerns that wont interfere with NPCing

OKAY: minor errors can be fixed by section holder, might interfere with NPCing

NEEDS WORK: Should probably be cut out to be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed

DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: needs to be cut out and and fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed

SCRAP IT: Needs to be cut and a new claim be opened to replace it.

i4-60, NEEDS WORK, the bleeders and so forth seem to be fixed but this one still looks off with the cluttering, needs a pathgrid
i4-61, NEEDS WORK, bland cluttering, needs a pathgrid
i4-62, OKAY, could use more clutter but isn't egregiously lacking, needs a pathgrid
i4-63, NEEDS WORK, over-all cluttering is too staticand doesn't seem very natural, lighting should be redone and some variety in the banners and beds, needs a pathgrid.
i4-64, OKAY, somewhat dubious relation in regards to the tavern above with how well it physically fits and also only has a store no residence, bares discussion, needs a pathgrid
i4-65, SCRAP IT, very basic design for pottery store that looks closer to a test cell than an actual business,and doesn't even contain a residence. Due to the presence of a more promising potters workshop in town I'd suggest replacing this with something else.
i4-66, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, top floor should be 2x2-1 and the middle floor extends 1x too far forward in relation to the top floor, bottom floor is out of sync with the alchemist below, will need to be fixed and clutter adjusted accordingly, needs a pathgrid
i4-67, OKAY, would replace the banners and floating orange moss, otherwise some more varied clutter, needs a pathgrid
i4-68, NEEDS WORK, very flat and boring cluttering, needs a pathgrid
i4-69, OKAY, for a ransacked interior think it could do with a freshen up and the extra pillows be removed from the top room, needs a pathgrid
i4-70, NEEDS WORK, needs the planter in the middle removed and some of the light sources culled, some extra variety in the pots, a rug in the middle of the floor and the bed should be made two person just looking at the rest of the int, needs a pathgrid
i4-71, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, should be 2x2-1, however this one is also odd for using rich clutter despite being very small, i would actually suggest cutting this one out and using it in a side room in a larger complex or the base of another house, needs a pathgrid.
i4-72, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, too wide should be by x2 not x3, needs to fixed and clutter adjusted accordingly, then also could do with some more cluttering show rooms a bit bland and also goes too heavy on the plants, needs a pathgrid.
i4-73, OKAY, would add a little more variety to the clutter in the house, also not sure if the barrels infront of the hidden trapdoor impede movement too much, needs a pathgrid
i4-74, DOESN'T FIT SHELL, minor case the top floors too far back and should be brough forward by x1 though will need some re-arranging to accommodate, would suggest a little touch up with the cluttering (namely adding tr_data weapons), needs a pathgrid
i4-75, NEEDS WORK, de_p furniture should be swapped with de_m, would remove the note about being off limits (the door being locked would be pretty self explanatory)  however as with gro-dahls notes its an open question as to *if* Andothren should even have a dungeon given the proximity to fort ancylius with Balmora as a point of comparison (could maybe get transferred to haln oek which might need one?), needs a pathgrid
i4-76, DOESN'T FIT SHELL, top floor doesnt fit the shell but that can be fixed easily by removing the hall piece and brining the door forward, but the lower floor wont be so easy would suggest adding a basement, will need a pathgrid.
i4-77, NEEDS WORK, this basically needs to be re-cluttered entirely adding a shopfront and replacing the generic forge with a kitbashed equivalent to better represent a kiln, would recommend extending the lower floor by x3 on the side facing the entrance to accommodate the changes (being buiilt into the cliff would excuse the added space), will need a pathgrid
i4-78, GOOD, Personally think it could do with a basement level but the only actually issue I can see is the usual orange moss and lack of pathgrid, though with that said not sure if it will hold up to the new manors and to that end if it should maybe get moved out of andothren.
i4-79, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, not actually as bad as that sounds, just needs the door and banners brought over with the windows moved to the corner wall to fix it (losing the pil of crates, but no great loss there. Downstairs though needs another clutter pass, for the number of banners there is very little religious literature and the books are facing the wrong way to boot, needs a pathgrid
i4-80, DOESN'T FIT SHELL, top floor should be moved over to sit entirely on the floor below, cluttering is mostly fine, seems to be the home of a fisherman so might suggest moving this one down closer to the water, needs a pathgrid
i4-81, SCRAP IT, it doesn't fit the exterior just for a start being too wide on every side and the cluttering is.. I have to assume there was a quest planned for this place but I honestly think this is better off forgotten and replaced with something completely different.
i4-82, NEEDS WORK, furniture should be changed to de_m, the temple banners replaced with normal ones, the hammock from the top floor be deleted and the down stairs beds be replaced with a bunk fill the absence with some cluttering, needs a pathgrid
i4-83, NEEDS WORK, the moddy looking ladder/door combo entryway needs to be deal with and the desk at the front moved back to allow foot access, the crates in the under stair portion also need to be looked at dueto the questionble physics. Downstairs is just lacking in clutter and strangely absent a bar, needs a pathgrid
i4-84, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, top should be 2x2 and bottom 2x4 after the adjustments needs a cluttering pass as its rather empty, needs a pathgrid
i4-85, NEEDS WORK, would suggest re-cluttering bottom floor the dining room is very empty and then the bedroom is basically shoved into a closet. would probably suggest making it lower class rather than rich to match the exterior furnishings, will need a pathgrid
i4-86, DOESN'T FIT SHELL, top floor should be moved over to sit entirely on the floor below, needs a cluttering pass, needs a pathgrid
i4-87, DOESN'T FIT SHELL, which is a shame since fixing it would require losing the top floor and this has been very well cluttered, might suggest disconnecting this from the exterior and saving it for the modular set, though that said I do think the furniture placement needs to be checked to ensure it okay for the player and NPC's, also the bed in the servants quarters seem to have been deleted and the forge willl need to get replaced with a proper kitbashed oven
i4-88, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, top floor should be 2x2 not 2x3, bottom floor looks a bit bland but not terribly so, needs a pathgrid
i4-89, DOESN'T FIT SHELL, according to the notes apparently was a pawnbroker? Needs cluttering and door placement looked at to fit the closest shells, unsure about this one
i4-90, NEEDS WORK, needs a lot more clutter especially in the middle floor, upstairs bedroom doesn't look fitting for a nobleman at all and the servant room at the side needs a door and clutter, much like 78 I also think it needs a basement and here that could serve to house servants quarters and a kitchen, also shares the caveat at about maybe being better used elsewhere rather than in Andothren, needs a pathgrid
i4-91, NEEDS WORK, cell is divided by ladder rather than stairs which makes no sense for a rich interior especially when the second floor then has an empty basement, needs a pretty thorough overhaul and a pathgrid when thats done
i4-92, SCRAP IT, doesn't fit the exterior or even its shell and mixes de_m and de_r furniture, could possibly be made to fit a hlaalu_b_27 shell but not sold that its less effort than just making a fresh interior.
i4-93, NEEDS WORK, de_p furniture should be replaced with de_m, hammock on the lower floor replaced with a bed and bedroll on the top floor removed, after that checking the clutter, needs a pathgrid
i4-94, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, should only be 3x3, though once all thats re-shuffled actually looks okay for clutter, will need a pathgrid
i4-95, DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR, should be 2x3, though like the above once its been re-shuffled seems well cluttered, will need a pathgrid.
Andothren-NorthWestTower, SCRAP IT, shells okay but its just shelves filled with pottery and what looks like a suicide attempt/murder in the basement. Doesnt really make much sense to be a warehouse or buisness either.

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2015-08-10 20:50
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Finally checked these over and wrote some notes. As before I think you're being rather strict on the interiors, but that's probably for the better. A lot of the non-fitting interiors will probably get exterior adjustments, so those will need to wait to go up for claiming.

60 - I don't see any issues at a glance but will take your word for it.
61 - this one is more notably sparse; almost looks abandoned. (Which it probably shouldn't be).
62 - the fireplace is neat cobblework, but it is caspering slightly. Will fix in file.
64 - horrid (but easily fixed) floating behind the counter and I am dubious about the moss. Seems like it should be top level given the shell, so I might relocate it.
66 - Definitely needs work, but some exterior adjustments might be needed as well, so this'll probably have to wait before going to unclaimed. Edit: I shouldn't forget to mention the Morag Tong banner and (not necessarily bad but notable) skooma stuff.
72 - just condensing the clutter into the correct size should deal with any issues of sparseness. I rather like the plant abundance myself, but it could perhaps do with more contextualizing. (Perhaps have some gardening stuff on sale and make it a more general merchant?)
75 - I actually think this should be a (two person) Imperial garrison with the bits of bonemold and weapons swapped for Imperial gear and likely common rm furniture with a bunk. The proximity to Fort Ancylis is a good point, but distances between a lot of vanilla prison markers are in the same ballpark. This concept will see more use in Narsis District, which is why (among other reasons) I'd like to introduce it early.
76 - I might put this in a different shell.
77 - i4-62 is a good reference for the kiln (caspering aside).
78 - not every manor should be super opulent, so I think it's fine. Won't be one of the biggest wigs.
79 - thankfully the bookshelf can just be moved to the opposite side next to the stairs. The banners are indeed weird/bad.
81 - I'd consider shrinking it down and removing the weird stuff in the process. I'll probably attach the file to the claim either way and leave it to the claimant how much they scrap. As for planned quest, boy are you missing it; there's a custom 'confession' scroll in the interior.
82 - hum. I sort of like the weirdness of this place, but it just doesn't work as a guard tower. I'd actually consider shrinking it to a standard home of an MT operative or an agent or something and making a new guard tower.
83 - cobble-crimes of my past. The lack of bar is deliberate though, wasn't intended as a drinking establishment as such. Different kind of club and focus.
87 - as noted on Discord, I'd use sloped roof pieces as used under stairs in other Hlaalu ints to make the concept work.
88 - probably better to just change the exterior shell on this one and adjust the doors accordingly.
94 - this is built into the hillside, I see no issue with the shell.
95 - likewise, but even if it weren't in the hillside the shell is 2x3; did someone already fix this?
Andothren-NorthWestTower - I started looking at the top of the tower and thought 'weird but scrapping it seems a bit extreme'. Then I saw the six shelves filled with clutter. Then I saw the interrogation room in the basement. So we've got a kleptomaniac torturer guard. It still seems a pity to scrap as the interior developer seems to have rotated each of the 225 objects on the uneven de_p shelves with great care, but this is just too weird for a guard tower; it's more like a new clutter warehouse. I'm tempted to use it to make an actual clutter warehouse...

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2016-01-21 22:34
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Seriously if you think that it's a good example of placement and rotation, especially of TR assets, a TR clutter warehouse would be great. Some of the clutter I worked with required weird XY rotations because the base of the asset wasn't planar. Having examples of working rotations in one place would be nice. 

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Not TR assets and not a variety either, same three or four vanilla pots rotated a bunch of times.

Very much something in the area of "item of perverse curiosity" more than a useful reference.

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