Any need for a professional voice actor?

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2017-12-12 23:31
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I'm a professional voice actor, though not a notable one, I take industry videos, regional radio, documentaries, et cetera, it supplements my income. 

I'm pretty damn skilled though, I'm fluent in the phonetic alphabet and I can do a wide variety of things with my voice. I also have a professional studio at home. I use an Electrovoice RE20, not sure what the Morrowind guys used, or if it would be possible to get ambient sound from them to lay under it, but, I'm sure we could figure something out. If you actually need any unique dialogue, that is. 

If so, I'm happy to devote a good number of hours to it. I am able to sound quite distinct from myself and create multiple characters. 

Unfortunately I just moved so I don't have a wide variety of samples reflecting how my space currently sounds, since there's a new arrangement, but here's one anyway. Short sample of Macbeth.


Audio icon Shakespeare.mp31.2 MB2017-12-12 23:53
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2016-02-05 22:51
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Hi and welcome.
I am sure someone with your skillset will be a great asset for our team.
You might check out our sister projects also which are working on the other provinces.

Im sure voice requests will be comming your way shortly.

Also check out the discord channel.