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2015-12-18 05:16
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Here's a basic quest for my questing showcase. Specifically, I am implementing this claim: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/aimrah-misc-quest. Some of the specific conversational details, as well as NPC placement and clothing, is subject to change. Also, it is not clear if Ash Statues are truly banned by the Tribunal Temple, so corresponding dialogue may change.


  1. If you keep trying to offer Nidara the same good (that she doesn't want), her disposition starts to drop. The same is true if you keep telling her that you have nothing to offer.
  2. If Nidara's disposition falls below 25, she cuts off your business partnership and the quest ends.

Here are the items involved in the quest:

  • Raw Glass/Ebony. She gives the player 200 gold per, and takes up to 30 (total).
  • Raw Stalhrim. She does not take Stalhrim, mistaking it for ice.
  • Dwemer Coins. She does not take these, because they have no non-monetary value.
  • Kwama Eggs. She takes these, gives the player 5 gold per, and takes up to 25.
  • Lutes. She takes these, gives the player 15 gold per, and takes up to 5.
  • Ash Statues. She does not take these.
  • Moon Sugar. She takes this, gives the player 50 gold per sample, and takes up to 10.


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2014-03-16 17:45
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Comments on the older file, reposting for others

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2014-01-08 21:55
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In addition to rot's comments I was thinking that Nidara should have a dialogue response where she gives the player some hints about what things to bring, eg. "What they'd be interested in? Well, rare coins, for example, could work. There aren't many mines in Dres lands, so they'd probably like to buy some ores too." Something like that.

Another addition to dialogue that I'd like is that the player should be able to end the business partnership when they want to, too.

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2017-10-08 01:57
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I've reviewed the showcase. I've only found minor issues, I'm sure you won't have any trouble fixing them.

Greeting 5
Why does she need "Talked to PC==1"? The quest journal should be enough as a filter.
The dialogue entries aren't positioned between the placeholders.

business proposition
"Yes, I am going to have to find another business partner." If the partnership was ended due to bad relations, this response seems too nice of her. Consider rephrasing.

"Nidara Drelvi has ended our partnership." Technically, the players is able to end the partneship on their own, which would make this entry untrue. Consider rephrasing it.

commonplace goods
"On the same note..." There's an infinite loop here. Remove the Choice function from the results.

Dres trade
General note: You don't need to refer to local variables as TR_m3_Nidara_Drelvi.LuteCount. Simply using LuteCount will do. Apparently this causes a warning spam when using the error check function of the CS.
If the PC doesn't bring back anything 3 times, it's an instant disp hit. In my opinion, the limit should either be raised, eliminated, or the penalty should be dropped to -2 or something like that. Currently, it discourages players from going back to the agent.

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2017-10-08 01:57
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I'll take a last look at the quest during the weekend but until then, I'm recommending you for promotion.