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Tamriel Rebuilt Artifacts: 


Name Status In Official TR_Data Location Item Notes Has a UESP Link
Axe of Boethiah Merged Yes N/A Used in the Quest "The Prince of Plots" Yes, but in the wrong place
Belt of St. Olms Merged No N/A Temple Relic, assocaite with Tribunal Temple Quests No
Claw of Nafaalilargus Merged Yes Old Ebonheart, Legion Headquarters Hidden behind a wall with a mechanism in the Legion Headquarters of Old Ebonheart Yes
Dagger of Meridia Merged Yes N/A Meridia Cult Relic Yes, but in the wrong place
Deathmask of Empress Katariah Merged Yes Raathim Ancestral Tomb Used for "Empress Randsom" Thieves Guild quest in Old Ebonheart. Yes
Ebony Blade Merged No N/A Planned for Morag Tong Mephala Oracle Quests Yes
Ethos Knife Ready to Merge No N/A Vivec Relic, associated with the Tribunal Temple No
Flask of Lillandril Pending Review No N/A Planned for a treasure hunt in the Arnesian Jungle No
Gwai-lo Merged No Entrenched Shipwreck In the Quest " A Perfect Sword". Journal Entries need updating to say it is Akaviri, and  not Ebony after the redo of the model Yes
Hammer of Gharen Merged No N/A Planned for Puzzels in Kemel-Ze along with the Anvil of Mithas Yes
King Orgnum's Coffer Merged No N/A Talking chest that gives gold, found somewhere in Hlaalu Lands No
Muatra Ready to Merge No N/A Vivec Relic. To be obtained in an easter egg/not obvious way No
Neldrac's Reach Merged No N/A Only Dwemer Longbow in game Yes
Oghma Infinium Pending Review No N/A Planned for a quest in the Telvanni Library, and can be used as a talking book companion if the book isn't read for it's knowledge No
Penitent's Ring Merged Yes N/A For the Monastary near Menaan. A monks Ring No
Preyseeker Merged Yes N/A Belong to an adventurer in Roth-Roryn Yes
Ring of Eidolon's Edge Merged No N/A Planned for a Daedric Ruin in the Deshaan Plains when claims open up No
Ring of Lightning Speed Merged No N/A Replaces the Ring added in Telvannis release Yes, but in the wrong place
Ring of St. Seryn Merged No N/A To be a reward from the Temple in the Town 'Saint Seryn' No
Robe of Ebon Regency Merged Yes Old Ebonheart, Library On display in the Old Ebonheart Library No
Sanguine's Rose Merged No N/A Planned for A Daedric Quest in the Narasu Winery No
Scales of Nafaalilargus Merged Yes N/A Not in-game. Should be associated with Imperial Legion Quests in Old Ebonheart. May want to redo enchantment so that Dragonbone Cuirass can be unique again Yes
Shield of the Trickster Pending Review No N/A Reward for finished the planned fighting tournament in Old Ebonheart No
Soul Anchor (Saber) Merged No Baelkashpitu, Shrine Possible reward for the Quest "A Coldharbor Kneehaul" Yes
Soul Anchor (Spear) Merged No Baelkashpitu, Shrine Possible reward for the Quest "A Coldharbor Kneehaul" Yes
Swiftcut Saber Merged Yes N/A Carried by an adventurer in the Roth-Roryn Yes
Thurible of St. Delyn In Development No N/A Planned for a reward in the Indoril Questline No
Wabbajack Ready to Merge No N/A Planned for a trippy quest in Veranzaris No
Ward of the Poet Pending Review No N/A Vivec Relic, Assocaited with the Tribunal Temple No
White Robe of St. Meris Merged No N/A Relic associated with the Tribunal Temple No
Wraithmail Ready to Merge No N/A Needs planning, but associated with the Foul Murder Questline. Debating whether Wraith Mail will be obtainable in the end or if the asset will be re-purposed No
Skull of Corruption Merged No N/A Planned to be the main focus of the Thieves Guild in Narsis No
Mosslog Merged Yes Sadas Plantation Part of the "Mudlap and Mosslog" Quest No
Sword Not Held Pending Review No N/A One of Vivec's Relics, associate with the Redoran Grand Council in Baan Malur No
Shield of the Lord Commander Merged Yes N/A Held by the Lord Commander of "The Knights of the Rose" from High Rock during the planned Old Ebonheart Melee Tournament. No


Project Tamriel Artifacts: 
Name Status In Official PT_Data Item Notes Has a UESP Link
Malkav's Ring Merged No Skyrim No
Ring of Warding Merged No Skyrim No
Skoedir In Developement No Skryim No
Rueful Axe In Development No Skyrim (Clavicus Vile) No
Shard of Vehemence Merged No Skyrim No
Blade of Woe Merged No Cyrodiil (Dark Brotherhood questline) No
Shadowweave Merged No Cyrodiil No
Ring of Sunfire Merged No Cyrodiil (Vampire Hunters) No
Ring of Fangs Merged No Skyrim No
Guardian Ring Merged No Cyrodiil No
Dawnbreaker Under Review No Cyrodiil (Meridia) No
Weatherward Circlet Merged No Cyrodiil No
Dragoneye Helm Merged No Cyrodiil (Imperial City) No
Chillrend Merged No Cyrodiil (Ayleid Ruin) No
Conjurer's Ring Merged No Cyrodiil (Mages Guild) No
Rhorlak's Axe Merged Yes Skyrim No
Void Knife Merged Yes Skyrim No
Dragontorc Merged Yes Skyrim No
Greenery Ring Merged Yes Skyrim No
Staff of Chaos Proposed No Cyrodiil (Imperial City) No
Nordic Warhammer Merged In TR_Data Any Province (a unique warhammer, different from a regular nordic warhammer) Yes, But in TR


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On the subject of Scales of Nafaalilargus, I agree that the enchantment should be changed. It's not very appropriate to have full resistance to fire when Nafaalilargus' one weakness was to dragonfire (i.e. magical fire). Something like resist normal weapons would make more sense since he was technically invulnerable to Cyrus' sabre. That could get overpowered quickly though.