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2015-12-12 23:47
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There’s some old feedback from Tumblr— I can’t tell how old this stuff is because Tumblr, brilliantly, doesn’t timestamp things. But, anyway, I’m going post it here for people to see.

(I cleared the inbox, so for anyone checking the tumblr all messages in the inbox are from July 2016 or newer.)

Registration and Bug Issues
I can't register on your website to tell you about the bugs I found. First the captcha wouldn't load 6 tries out of 7, and now that the system seems to have registered my account, it won't send me any emails with my password. I‘ve tried several times over the course of 3 days, wasting my rare online time (my connection is very unstable), after spending a few days trying to get the internal beta comment function to work (your explanation in the readme was incomplete) Does the registration – cont.

cont. - registration system have known problems with non-US email addresses? I'm getting really frustrated and am THIS close to just giving up and never helping you again, if you make it this difficult. And I'm not alone: plenty of people with old, slow computers still play Morrowind, and plenty of people would be unwilling to give out their email address and go through all this hassle just to give a bit of short feedback. Can't you just make the bugtracker accessible without registration?

P. S. Sorry for taking so long between the two parts of my message. Unfortunately, Tumblr has started to use the same shit captcha system. I had to reload over a dozen times and my internet connection cut off in the middle. and I’ll bet at least half of my message won’t be delivered anyway. Tumblr usually just sends half of these messages into a black hole, in my experience. But since there’s no other way of reaching you without registering somewhere…

Missing Mesh
Seems to be a missing Khajiit face on the latest release, "mesh tr khajiit m h5 nif". Just wished to inform you on the off chance you've not yet heard it from a million other sources yet.


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2015-09-28 20:13
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The registration/email issues were solved 3(?) months ago, so it must be a mail from early 2016.

Allowing non-registered users to file bugs is in the list™, but not a priority at the moment. Throwaway emails are a thing for one, and for another I couldn’t get the captcha to work right for anonymous bug creators and have more pressing issues. Since this person had problems with captcha already, the anonymous-but-captcha solution wouldn’t have solved anything anyway.

I don’t know about the missing Khajiit mesh.

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2016-01-17 13:07
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In the current TR_Data the mesh in question has the suffix ‘_nal’, so they might have been using an old .esp/esm.