Can't take quests - no topic to get a quest

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2018-09-07 17:14
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Sometime NPC speak to me like they want to give me quest, but there's no highlighted new topic as always in such cases should be, only plain text.
Can't recall all such cases, most recent is Gorinia in Firewatch, who clearly wants help to clean her house from clannfear.
Ah, and all guilds (Mages, Warriors, Thieves) are also afflicted with such thing - no "tasks" topic, even if patchnotes clearly say there should be guild quests.
Morrowind 3 disc russian localisation.
Any advice what could be source of trouble? Or this (and such cases) is unfinished quest?

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2015-09-28 20:13
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18 hours 29 min ago

As you are using the Russian version of Morrowind, a lot of dialogue topics are broken. Morrowind is simply not a language-conscious game, although I hear the Russian version breaks a lot less often than my German one did when dealing with English mods.
You will have to add the topics manually via console or get an English language version, I'm afraid.