Children of Tamriel July Update Announcement

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2016-06-07 00:41
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After a really good start on my CoT project in June, I unfortunately lost steam badly this month.  I took hiatus the first week of the month to prepare for a convention the first weekend of the month, with plans to get right back to work.  Fortunately for me but unfortunately for the CoT project, I got a phone upgrade the next weekend as an early birthday present so have been severely distracted the past two weeks with all the cool apps that were not available for my previous phone!  Now that I have settled on my prefered selection of app games, I plan to be more productive in August, though will lose up to two weekends, one of which I am definitely out of town and the other of which is a maybe.

Estimated Version 1 release (which will be numbered to match whatever the current official TR version number is at the time) is still estimated to appear within 2016, however it will not be until autumn at the earliest.  There will be another WIP version too probably sometime in August or September, since before the unplanned hiatus I began the dialogue overhaul for the teens.  As always, suggestions and ideas are appreciated!