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2016-06-07 00:41
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Next week marks my original estimated Version 1 CoT release date, so I feel it is time to present an update.  First the bad news: there will be no Version 1 anytime soon.  As I anticipated, the new TR version with the data restructuring broke some stuff in my mod.  The little kids weren’t affected at all, since they exclusively use CoM assets.  The damage to my mod is with the teenage characters, many of whom use TR clothing.  So far from what I can see during damage control testing, some of my teens are naked (CoM body version of naked with permanent underwear of course,) or worse some don’t appear at all or have missing body parts.

However, I cannot thoroughly test the extent of the damage with my game in its current state.  I did something incorrectly during the update, so now whenever I go anywhere in TR, I am often greeted by error warnings and the large glowing missing asset indicators.  This makes my game effectively unplayable outside of Vvardenfell.  Rather than spend hours trying to figure out what I did wrong and maybe break things more, I have decided to do a full reinstall of my Morrowind setup.  Due to the many mods and addons I use, this will be a complicated several hour process.  I anticipate having an afternoon to work on this during Thanksgiving weekend, unless I end up going out of town for part of the weekend.  Once I have a clean Morrowind setup, with TR and my other stuff properly installed, I will be able to go into the game, visit every single one of my existing teenagers, and figure out exactly who needs to be fixed.  Once my existing characters are fixed, I will be able to continue with the slow process of adding new kids to the towns I haven’t done yet.

As a result of this setback, there will be no CoT Version 1 this year.  If I have everything fixed by then and feel the project is progressing well, I may consider putting up another WIP version for Christmas, just to this forum.  I have also decided not to set a new estimated release date, since I don’t want to be that guy who makes promises I can’t keep.  I don’t want to rush the first “official” version since I want to deliver a quality mod.  I’m hoping to have a better guage of progress by the next TR seasonal update.  With the data restructure behind us, further updates to CoT, once I fix the in-progress version, should be a bit easier.

I thank everyone who has shown interest in this project for their support.  Also, due to the setbacks, after fixing my in-progress version I am going to focus on populating the kids and teens first.  Version 1 possibly may not include the custom dialogue I had proposed doing for teenagers depending on how much of a further delay that will cause.  For now, I feel I have adequately addressed the issue with teenage dialogue, though I do want to add the custom dialogue eventually.

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2015-09-28 20:13
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This might be a bit late, but can’t you just run the Tamriel_Data patcher over your plugin and go from there?

Shame to hear about the problems you are having, and I wish you good luck. I’m looking forward to seeing v1 next year then.

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2015-12-12 23:47
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Good to know, and good luck!

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