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2016-01-21 19:43
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This is the book found on the drowned corpse in my Eastern Treasures quest. It relates the story of an Imperial Battlemage of the Tenth Legion that was decimated during the doomed invasion of Akavir (3E288-3E290) by emperor Uriel Septim V. The battlemage called Clagius Secunia (non-canon) escapes the continent of Akavir on a stolen ship but drowns as he is aproaching Morrowind (the closest Tamrielic province to Akavir)


The main source for the development of this story is the book "Disaster at Ionith". This is one of those episodes of Tamriel history that is a bit vague and more or less unrelated with most of the lore, which made me feel safe in developing the lore a bit without running the risk of ruining the canon.


Lore mentions:
- Ionith: city in Akavir, for a brief period was a colony of the Empire.


- Ynslea: Island between Tamriel and Akavir. Conquered by Uriel Septim V and used as a staging area for the invasion of Akavir.


- Tsaesci: The race/culture of people in the region of Akavir invaded by the Empire. Their status as humans/beasts is vague, so I avoided describing their appearance.


- Uriel Septim V: Emperor of Tamriel from 3E268 until his death in 3E289 on Akavir. Hailed as the best general emperor since Tiber Septim, yet still unable to prevent his death in a battle in Akavir.



Journal of Clagius Secunia, Battlemage, Tenth Legion
[Most of the pages of Clagius' journal have been destroyed by the sea, but the last entries are still readable]
Today is the 23rd Morning Star, 2E289, or so I think. Thirst and sunstroke have left me drifting in and out of consciousness, to the point where the passing of days seems like a blur. 
My limited knowledge of the sea led me to think I could reach Ynslea within two weeks of leaving Ionith, but either my amateurish calculations were wrong or I have drifted off course. Whatever the reason, I have accepted that I signed my own death sentence when I comandeered this ship.
There is no point in recriminating myself now. I took the only option laid out for me. The Tsaesci are not in the business of taking prisoners and I obviously could not just dissapear into the countryside and hope to blend with the populace.
The Tsaesci. Writing about them brings back the memories of that horrible night. 
I can still smell the blood of the Emperor as I held his broken body on the battlefield. All around us the battle raged on, as the remnants of the Tenth fought desperately until the last man. I am unsure of how long I sat there grieving, but when the victory cries of the Tsaesci started to rise in the night wind, I knew that signalled the end of the last skirmishes.
I tried to stand up to meet my fate with sword in hand, but exhaustion had the best of me and I collapsed. All that was left for me was to embrace the darkness and accept death.
I woke up, finding myself atop a pile of corpses of my fellow legionnaires. I could hear the sounds of the Tsaesci celebrations nearby and I knew Fate had given me a chance to escape. 
A nearby sentry stood looking at the celebrations with envy, with his sword leaned against a tree and oblivious to my presence. Despite the unfamiliar shape, the blade was true and sent the barbarian to meet his ancestors. The Tsaesci are animals, but they make fine blades.
Using the cover of darkness, I headed for the city harbour and found this ship unguarded. This was at least thirty days and nights ago, so the few supplies found on board are long spent. With my impending death I began writing this journal to make sure that the citizens of the Empire become aware of the danger that Akavir represents.
Uriel Septim V, the greatest Emperor since Tiber Septim himself, military genius and the hope of the Empire. Yet, he could not defeat Akavir with the full might of the Legions behind him. 
That land is death, its people want us dead and they have shown that they can cross the Padomaic Ocean. We need to stop infighting and turn our eyes East, for one day they will come.
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2016-04-14 10:18
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I very much enjoyed how you personalized and fleshed out the Empire’s disastrous attempt to colonize Akavir. Good job.

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2015-12-12 23:47
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I like it. I have no comment on the lore, but a minor comment on a typo: “ dissapear “ should be “disappear”.

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Lore-wise I see no problems (good call on keeping descriptions out of the text).

Nicely written. Certainly nice to see “Padomaic Ocean” in TR for once. cheeky

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2016-01-19 19:35
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Unsure if this needs to be adapted to an asset, as the poster mentioned it’s been incorporated into a quest already? Please confirm either way.

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2016-01-23 02:43
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I was just thinking about this quest that features this journal the other day. If I remember correctly, Steelgonads made it for his showcase. It was quite good, and I hope it didn’t get lost in the shuffle of moving to the new forums. It felt worthy enough to be implemented in TR.

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