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2017-01-25 07:52
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So I just found out about you guys, and I just had a couple questions.

#1 Have you completed the map/all the regions?
#2 Is there some kind of main story line that you are adding?
#3 Have you/will you add new join able factions?
#4 How many new towns are there in this mod?

Thanks in advance. Also thank you for making this, its so crazy that you guys are finishing this game for Bethesda.
Was always disappointed at how half of the country was left out of the game.

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2016-01-19 19:35
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#1 TR_Mainland is complete, which encompasses the eastern part of Morrowind, Telvanni and Indoril areas. The west and south (Redoran, Hlaalu, Indoril) are partly complete, most of the exteriors done, still working on getting interiors and quests implemented. The deep south where the Dres are is just in planning stages.

#2 There’s been talk of this, some of the implemented factions and towns already have their storylines associated. We hope to do a Quest Pack soon that adds three more questlines, one as kind of epilogue to the vanilla main quest.

#3 All of the vanilla factions will be joinable—the Imperial guilds and the Great Houses. The Imperial Archlaelogical Society, while not joinable afaik? Will have some quests tied to it.

#4 Including the planned ones? Um...a lot. 20? 30? Yeah, a lot.