Dashboard Awareness Week

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Hello everyone and welcome to Dashboard Awareness Week!

What is Dashboard Awareness Week?

Do you like the "10 last posts" shown in the forum, but wish it had more items?
Do you want to see at a glance which claims you are currently developing?
Do you want to check quickly which assets are requested, without saving a bookmark to a 120 char long url?

All that and more can be found in the Dashboard!
Conveniently located in the user menu drop-down, just below your Personal Messages and above your bookmarks and watchlist.


Unfortunately, nobody really seems to click on the menu and so I have repeatedly gotten feature requests for things which have been available for over a year. People use clumsy, frustrating workarounds that are completely unnecessary.

Hence, Dashboard awareness week. Enjoy!


This is the part where you can find all of the content lists. Community calls, your edits/comments, the latest activities sorted by assets, claims, bugs, and forum topics, as well as a general list of all the newest nodes.

Help needed


Want to start contributing, but don't know how? "Help needed" is where you should look!
Not only is there a short intro blurb including further links, but also lists for requested and proposed assets, open bugs that need looking add, unclaimed interiors, exteriors and quests (if you have been added as an interior, exterior, or quest developer), but also claims and assets pending review (if you have been added as a reviewer).

In Development

Things have already gotten in active development and you want to check out where?
Here you can find claims and assets you are developing, bugs you have filed, claims and assets you are reviewing (if you have been added as a reviewer), claims and assets that are ready for merging (if you have been added as a lead developer).

File list

If you need to find that file really quick but don't know where it is, or you need a list of all asset files, this is the place to look.
(Might relocate off the Dashboard under Search eventually, so click on it while it's hot!)

Fun facts

The dashboard is made up of several individual pages. Within these pages, you have a default layout and information boxes.

Most, if not all of the boxes, have a "View all" option which will take you to a full-sized page list, that you can sort and filter far quicker and easier than the general overview browsers.
You can even filter things that the dashboad blocks won't display - for example, the "Assets you are reviewing" won't show you assets you reviewed which have already been merged, but the full-sized page does. Convenient!

Don't like a box, or where it's located? You can move the information boxes around on the pages and even disable them as you wish, showing you exactly how much or little information you want to see! It's all about being your landing page.

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