December 28th Livestream Instructions

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2014-01-02 23:58
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For today's TES3MP stream.

Yesterday we tested the Speaker quests to see which ones worked and would be fun to show off on stream. We came to the following conclusion - it's best to start from Disembodied, then proceed to Face Stealer (which is a bit finicky to get working in TES3MP, but should be alright) and then on to Khalaan. Doing these on foot / legit will bring the player from Necrom to Almas Thirr to Roa Dyr to Tur Julan (past Oran Plantation) and to Khalaan.

The setup:

PCJoinFaction Temple
PCRaiseRank Temple (x6)

( if you didn't do Bloodstone during the tour)
Journal TR_m3_TT_Bloodstone 100

( to skip the first and second Speaker quest)
Journal TR_m3_TT_RIP 300
Journal TR_m3_TT_floodedtomb 30
Journal TR_m3_TT_Speaker 15

coc "Necrom, Chamber of Parting"
/teleport all
OR alternatively go there by silt strider instead of coc: Almas Thirr -> Vhul -> Almalexia -> Bosmora -> Sailen -> Necrom

At this point, it's time for a little bit of backstory:
"You have been invited to join the Temple Order of the Speakers for the Dead. They are operatives, lawyers, and champions that speak on behalf of the departed and lend a hand to the ancestors where needed. The player has completed two tasks and has been deemed worthy to join the order by Vaden Baro in Almas Thirr. You are on your way to the Hall of Contemplation in the large administrative complex in Necrom to perform the Rite of the Voice and to be inducted into the Order of Speakers.
  • Exit, head south towards the Fane of the Ancestors
  • Enter the large administrative building / the Temple Pathway
  • directly left and right from the entrance are doors to the Hall of Contemplation, go there
  • walk towards the water feature and turn to the left
  • the second door at the right, have Zaric talk to Idras Berendus
  • after the Rite, have Zaric talk to Uvo Brin
  • now head back to Almas Thirr
    • There's a Silt Strider route: Necrom -> Sailen -> Bosmora -> Almalexia -> Vhul -> Almas Thirr
  • go up the stairs and up the canton (exterior is easiest), across the bridge to the east, and enter the Monastery of St. Veloth
  • talk to Vaden Baro for your next sacred task (take a right hand turn, then go left up the ramp and left again, the Ordinator in Mourning looking guy)
  • This starts Disembodied (TR_m3_TT_Disembodied)

Temple: Disembodied

  • Head to Roa Dyr, Statesmen's Hall, lowest floor
  • You'll find a spirit standing next to his body, and Lirielle Othreleth who progresses the quest.
  • You'll need to fetch Marsh Root Incense from Indoril Llaren (outside)
    • Llaren directs you to Indoril Ilvi (Warriors' Hall), who'll give you a letter telling Llaren to cooperate with you, who gives you the Incense.
  • You'll need to fetch a Scroll of Cautious Beckoning from Tur Julan
    • The scroll is in the Hall of Invocation (requires levitation). The key to the hall is held by the Twilight Jiah-Tjulka nearby. Either kill the scamps in the courtyard and bring her her rose in exchange for the key, or kill her.
  • Return to Roa Dyr, Statesmen's Hall, and deliver the items to Lirielle Othreleth
  • Go to Roa Dyr, Crossing of Lamps, top floor, and again talk to Lirielle Othreleth about commune with the Daedra
  • Talk to Kras-kira
  • Talk to Lirielle Othreleth to finish the quest
  • Return to Almas Thirr and go to where Vaden Baro was. This finishes this quest and starts Face Stealer (TR_m3_TT_Facestealer)


  • Vaden Baro is missing. Instead, you find Gilse Areth who tells you Baro headed to the cavern of Nalad
  • Nalad is in the wilderness directly west of Necrom
    • Strider route: Almas Thirr -> Vhul -> Almalexia -> Bosmora -> Sailen -> Necrom
    • Directions to Nalad: see image
  • Enter Nalad, kill things, proceed to Nalad, Shrine.
  • Have Zaric talk to the Ordinator-looking guy. DO NOT ATTACK HIM.
  • EVERYONE must enter NALAD, SHADOWED TOMB. Do NOT speak to the Faceless Man until everyone is inside.
  • Have Zaric talk to the Faceless Man.
  • Have Zaric put on the Faceless Helmet.
  • Have Zaric exit Nalad, Shadowed Tomb to Nalad, Shrine - do NOT follow him yet.
  • Wait ten seconds, for the sequence with the confrontation with the Face Stealer to play correctly
  • Now everyone else can exit Shadowed Tomb and join the fight against the Face Stealer.
  • Note: in our testing, the Face Stealer himself was slightly bugged, and would not lose health when cycling to a new face. This made him about ten times tougher than designed. You might have to have David use the console to SetHealth 0 him to force him to change faces early, if the fight lasts too long / is too difficult.
  • After killing the Face Stealer seven times, the battle is won.
  • Return to Shadowed Tomb and talk to the Faceless Man / Faceless Vaden Bero
  • Return to Necrom, and report your victory to Uvo Brin in the Hall of Contemplation.
  • Return to Almas Thirr, Monastery of St. Veloth for further sacred tasks with Vaden Baro.
  • This completes Face Stealer and starts Warm To The Touch / See You In Oblivion

Warm To The Touch / See You In Oblivion

  • Have Zaric talk to Vaden Baro and take the Summoning Scroll and Skeletal Hand.
  • Travel to the Drothril Ancestral Tomb (see image, requires levitation)
  • In the tomb, move to the chamber down the hall and to the right (see image)
  • Have Zaric read the Summoning Scroll and be transported to Khalaan
  • You guys can figure it out from there.