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2016-05-04 09:31
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I’ve spent my last few days off exploring Almas Thirr and the surrounding area to try and get a feel for the environment and the local flair. I noticed in the forums a few posts suggesting that Temple quests are few and far in between, and seeing as the Temple is one of my favorite factions I thought I’d start there. 

I wanted to compile as much Temple material that exists in-game already and see what plans the community has worked on and how I can add to it in a mindful way. I currently have a test and active playthrough related to the Temple (and Almas Thirr region) that I’m playing in-game, but it isn’t a very efficient way of gathering information. Is there a way to search Archives and the current forum to gather that information more quickly?

There is so much to TR, it’s a heck of a shock jumping into an ocean of content. If anyone has any recommendations on how to streamline my research, let me know! 

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2015-12-12 23:47
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Yes, there is a better way. The few temple threads that are active here in conceptualization and brainstorming areas are good places to start. The handbook also generically has lots of information in the planning documents section (but the temple page there is unfortunately blank at the moment).

One of the things we are working on is compiling information into the handbook— if this is something you’d be interested in, we could definitely use it.

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Templar Tribe
2016-01-17 16:36
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What might also help is taking a look at the Temple quest structure on UESP for the vanilla game and take both the larger scale of the mainland and take local factors into consideration. We have a few maps floating around here of the entire landmass that we’ve done do far, best bet would be to either open in it in paint or better yet print it out and take a look at each region subjectively. 

Almas Thirr is indeed a very interesting place with a lot of potential to explore themes both in line with and outside the context of vanilla quests. There can be a lot of inter-play between the Temple and the near-by Old Ebonheart, by perhaps trying to convert the more Imperialized citizens of OE and vice-versa. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the Thirr is the ‘cradle of civilization’ for Morrowind, as it were; so you can play a lot more on the inevitable downfall of the Tribunal by having some quests show a glimpse of the shadows stirring from the House of Troubles. Tribunal had a cult that said the end of times were near and that the gates of Oblivion were bound to open, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to be entirely in-your-face and lazy as Bethesda was with that, I would explore the options of perhaps some unrest amongst the outcast Velothi who are seeing the expansion of the Hlaalu and they begin to wonder to themselves why they can’t live in a chaple of the gardens much like the Indoril above them; yet Temple quests dedicated to showing compassion to even those Velothi to try and sway them back under the guiding light of the Tribunal may make sense.

There is quite an interesting interplay between the two major factions of the Thirr; the Temple would give most backing to the Indoril of course, but perhaps there can be some sense of the Temple trying to stay neutral and providing support or supplies to either side, the outcomes of which would differ depending on if you decide to help the other faction or not. There may be some sense of corruption amongst the Temple in Andothren. Maybe some quests to help establish outposts to aid pilgrims in the wilds of the west. Maybe some treasure finding for lost artifacts in the Velothian mountains. There is also that one Temple-run botanical garden, though its name escapes me at the moment. There could be quests there about forgoing alchemy training, or running ingredients to Indoril nobles, or even escorting sick people there to help them heal; perhaps even going on the hunt for rare ingredients to be grown there.

The possibilities are quite endless, though I think there should be cohesive high-level end-cap kind of quests that explore the themes of morality and mortality within the Temple itself, and perhaps trying to shed a bit more light on the aspects of the Tribunal.

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2016-03-18 12:00
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Maybe there would be a way to implement changes to the Temple quests and the temple in general after ceirtain members of the Tribunal have been killed ? Doesn’t make much sense that the nerevarine/or whoever would join the temple, become a patriarch/matriarch, kill almalexia and go on like nothing happened. Or vice versa, join the temple a ton of months afterwards having killed any of the triunes. I feel it should have some sort of impact. Maybe the player having a small say in steering the temple towards what it will become later on. I know the dunmer won’t accept the Tribunals fates in athonter 20 or so years after the red year, but still.

Hai Resdaynia!

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2016-01-19 19:35
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Hm. Speaking of continuing the story after the events of Tribunal, there is a rumor going around from Michael Kirkbladde that Sotha Sil had some sort of child that survived Sotha Sil’s death:

Later he confirmed the child is “Memory”. I don’t know what the significance of this is, something to do with c0da:

We’d have to tread carefully turning this into a questline, but at the very least we could throw in a few references about it. Is Sotha Sil the sort to leave research notes lying around? Or perhaps one of his assistants got a copy of of one of his notes and passed it down through the generatioons as a holy relic/family heirloom.