Developer migration PT <=> TR and Showcases

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2015-09-28 20:13
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For the longest time, TR developer moved on to PT. PT made a policy that any qualified developer would be automatically accepted, due to our stringest showcases.

For some odd reason, the reverse is happening right now: a developer with a nearly-accepted exterior showcase in PT would like to do exterior modding in TR as well.

We (Kevaar, Gnomey, and myself) put our heads together in Discord and decided that this is going to be fine. We're externding PT developers enough trust that we're going to give them the developer roles equivalent of what they have on PT if they wish to receive them.

This is going to happen as long as no catastrophic problem arises, e.g. a claim that is put up to review and is as badly made as the reviewer showcase. In that case, we're going to reverse policy and insist on a new showcase.

So, if there's any PT modders in here, right now, who want to work on TR and just lack the necessary roles: do link us your old showcase, and Bob's your uncle.