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2016-10-09 23:10
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Conversation between MinerMan and Atrayonis, c/p'ed from Discord
How does faction merging work on the player's end?
Hlaalu-Thirr is out of my reach for the moment - better PM Rats
What do you mean?
What does someone playing TR have to do to get the faction merging to work properly?
Just use the filepatcher?
Start a new game with TR_Factions.
(which doesn't exist yet in useable form, but will be 90% identical with Rot's stuff)
Any way to not start a new game?
Just playing can be done with the old game too - if you haven'T actually done anything with the mainland factions, it will just update their faction allegiance and it's all good.,
Keeping a game playing, with faction questlines on the mainland already halfway done, and then switching over?
Bad idea, the faction IDs will be stuck halfway between the two factions. It won't break per se, but rank-locked progress will be a bit fubar if the NPCs still belong to the mainland faction.
This will be in the release statement obviously.
But generally, you can just keep on playing.
Wouldn't the filepatcher make the npc's in the mainland factions?
If you run it over the save game with that file? Yes.
It still won't help with faction progress.
That's going to work with the Vv one, so it's not broken but just a tiny bit
It will make things a bit fiddly and ill-fitting.
I am pretty much done with those questlines anyway
So, if you install it now, and install TR_Factions, you're going to get into trouble because your Vv guilds might want more missions done than you can finish now.
But Rot said something about save games not working that way, so maybe that means that they actually progress at the old pace, which means everything is peachy.
Ah, okay
I'm going to have to search for his statements again before the release (or ask him when he's back).(edited)
He explained how that works with save games, though, I sure remember that much.
So: tl;dr: it will screw things up a little, but if you're at max rank you'll probably not notice
That's basically what I want
Or if you are anywhere but in that spot where you absolutely need to install TR_Factions after having done all the mainland quests.
Which can be solved by just not installing TR_Factions until you start a new game.