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2017-01-24 20:22
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First attempt at modding -  an Interior, “Freezman House”. 
Be gentle hard on me so I can learn. 

A little about the interior: 
It used to be either a poor inn or a corneclub that went out of business. Now a dunmer healer resides there. He rents out beds in the common area to those who need them and sometimes for free to those who can’t afford it. 

The cell is set to “illegal to sleep here” but you can still rest there for some reason. Not sure what’s wrong there.  If you press T right as you COC it might not let you, but walk around a bit, go into the common room and then press T, it should let you do it then. 

I know it says not to mix styles but the dunmer fireplace looks horrible with the walls of the interior. 

The 3 screens are supposed to create a bit of privacy when changing clothes since it’s a common area. 

The lighting is from the Seyda Neen tradehouse. 

I want to say it need a bit more clutter but at the same time it’s not a permanent residence for anyone except the healer so it’s hard to come up with stuff to put out as it can’t just be personal possesions (the orc doesn’t give a damn though). I could definitely add some food in the kitchen area but at the same time there is storage in the corner so having too much out doesn’t make sense either. I could make the rooms a little smaller. 

Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks. 

edit 1: Lucevar told me my mod is dependent on Morrowind Patch v1.6.4.esm, I thought I was checking the Code Patch thinking the code pattch has an ESM file, but it’s just the showcase of the code patch that has an ESP . I’ll try to fix it asap. 

edit 2: [uploaded file V1.01] ok, I removed the mod’s dependency on the patch.
though now when you load the file in the CS it gives you a few warning about dialog (or maybe it’s just me, idk), no clue what to do with it, the file is clean in TESAME and it doesn’t give errors while loading in the game so just hold the enter key to skip those in in the CS I guess. If anyone has a clue what those are and how to fix them let me know.  I would guess it’s because the patch changed some of that dialog and CS can’t find those changes anymroe but somehow still remembers they were there (cause the patch is an ESM?). 

edit 3: Texafornian game a link for the above fix. 

Binary Data Clean Freezman House V1.01.ESP482.46 KB2017-01-30 07:14
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2016-01-17 13:07
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Hi Freezman, welcome to TR. Thanks for putting together a showcase. Sorry for the delay, it’s taken me a few days to check your file out.

Unfortunately, there are some problems with your showcase that need to be addressed before I can formally review it.

It seems you've misunderstood TR's rules on style-mixing (the guide is admittedly a bit vague about this). Statics should not be mixed with static objects of seperate cultural styles in a single interior; that is, an interior built with Dark Elf interior pieces (in_hla_*, in_v_*, etc) should also use exclusively Dark Elf furniture (de_*_furn). Similarly, lower-class furniture (*_p_furn) should generally not be mixed with upper-class furniture (*_r_furn), which you’ve done in a few places. Misc items can generally be used in any interior (with a few caveats). At the moment, you're mixing Imperial architecture and furniture with Dark Elf furniture and tapestries. Since we require de_p furniture to be used for showcases, this effectively means you're limited to the Hlaalu, Redoran and Velothi interior sets; the Hlaalu set is very similar to the Imperial set, so reworking your showcase to use that set would be the simplest fix.

The interior doesn't match the current exterior (ex_common_building_01); your interior doesn't follow the L-shape of the exterior mesh, and the way you've positioned the exterior implies a three-story interior. Your interior is much too large for the building you've used, anyway. (Take a look at the interiors in vanilla that use the same exterior; "Caldera, Falanaamo: Clothier" has approximately a 3x4 footprint, and "Pelagiad, Uulernil: Armorer" is only 3x3). Interior showcases shouldn't be linked to an exterior anyway, so remove the exterior in TESAME, but make sure to indicate which exterior mesh your interior is intended to fit when you update your showcase.

Other than that, the design of your showcase is good; I think the sparse clutter brings across the interior's role as a repurposed cornerclub quite nicely. You've handled all the interior settings (lighting, illegal to sleep here) and have used gridsnap, so that's great to see.

It's good you've used a couple of items from Tamriel_Data, but as this includes items intended for other provinces, you have to be careful about what you're placing in your interior; apples, for example, shouldn't be found in TR (outside of unusually-wealthy interiors), as they very likely can’t grow in Morrowind’s climate. Which items are region-inappropriate isn't very well signalled currently, so best practice is to check how an item has been used previously in TR_Mainland and TR_Preview.

Something to keep in mind when cluttering interiors is that many objects do not rest flat within their selection boxes, so you're required to manually position them so they're laying realistically. Take a look at the orcish_helm in your interior, for example; while the selection box indicates it is positioned correctly, there is nothing supporting the helm from behind.

Keep in mind that you can scale objects to varying sizes; this helps to create some visual variety particularly with containers like barrels, crates and sacks.

Whenever adding custom objects (such as containers) to an interior, make sure you give it an ID that reflects the interior that it's used in; not a big problem for your showcase, but keep it in mind in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience; you’ve got a solid start here, but the showcase requirements are something we have to be a bit pedantic about. If you need help, or further elaboration on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!