Great House Dagoth - Sacred East Mod expansion Idea

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Dagoth Llothani
2021-03-09 00:45
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Hi I'm new here, but I've played mods for years, and have made my own, npcs, player homes and such. 
One of my all time favorite mods has been TheMadGod's Great House Dagoth, and I have recently found out how to fix the mod to be played through without the instant god statue. 

 I wanted to sorta point out the bugs first, and also wanted to talk and work on a mod that expands ghd to overtake the sacred east from House Indoril. I had an army follow me from red mountain to kogoruhn, to almas thirr. And when I got there, woop nobody cares about the Sixth House.
Also the Telvanni Hortator quest conflicted. Had to journal console. 

So now the mod idea:
Although poison song is fiction, it brings up the main players of the older story. I think since we have the sacred east and the already available quests to kill almalexia from tribunal, it would be easy with GHDs overall lore-heavy simplicity.

What if in GHD quest fashion, the player can declare war and claim the sacred east for House Dagoth? 
Now before I get the idea hated on, there IS lore-friendly context, and plans in-game and eluded to, as well provided by both mods. (Ever been to Gorne?)
There are also various town npcs throughout the main game who are sixth house and I gather there would be support. In the mainland, some places feel like the Temple is suffocating, so maybe non-indoril would prefer the less interfering Priesthood of Akulakhan. Also, slaves are everywhere. 
'But Lady Dagoth, how could the Ash priesthood even work?'
I have argued a bit on reddit and I think it would the religion of clear divide overall; secular - priesthood. Corprus would not allow those unworthy and corrupt from joining the priesthood of Akulakhan, and I doubt many would want to. 
In the mod GHD, Dagoth gives the player a spell that dispels Tribunal Shrines. What if the player does a quest to travel through all the temples after completing Tribunal to cleanse the land of the shrines? I have done so personally, and the end goal would probably be to take back the ancestor city, Necrom.
I believe should work well in replacing the Temple if they are immediately hostile to Sixth House. 
Now, establishing the Sixth House as a faction would be the tough one. In my head as I play, I have the idea Dagoth Nerevar is the face of the House. If invading the sacred east as hortator of the other houses, who would get the land? I was thinking of quests maybe where if you are female, you could use Ur or one of the other heartwights and like, magically make adult children or something, and that way the player is sorta making their own lore for the priesthood in this separate timeline. Move Dagoth Ur to Mournhold maybe so he's reintroduced to society, or maybe there are secret dagoths who know they are dagoths but pretend to be Indoril?
Or perhaps sneak ash statues into each city house, and corrupt the enemy in sabotage fashion?

Anyways sorry for the ranty post, but anyone get the general idea, or is it dumb?
I am just not sure how I would be able to work this through TR, GHD and main game quests.

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Joining the sixth house is not something we will offer as an option, just straight up not going to happen.

Feel free to create such a mod on your own time but....

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