Hammerfell R for TES IV Oblivion needs 3D modelers and texturers !

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2019-06-24 10:43
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Hello everybody !

I've came here to talk about something which would not be unknown to ye old TR members : the mod project Hammerfell for Oblivion !

So yeah I know, Hammerfell was (and still is) a project for TES IV Oblivion, and TR does not handle Oblivion modding anymore. So this is NOT TR related, I'm here only to interest some people personally to the project, outside of TR.

As you know (or maybe not), the Hammerfell project of TR was continued by Lady Nerevar but afterward abandoned again. But a guy called DaggerfallTeam has taken the project again in 2012, collecting the permissions to use the TR assets already done. He lead a very small team of modders, and issued a “Hammerfell R : The Eastern Grassland” on the Nexus.

But for some years he found himself all alone on this project.

I very recently came to modding, only to Oblivion for now. I’ve taken interest on the DaggerfallTeam project and found exiting to do some work with him on this Hammerfell R project. DaggerfallTeam had the kindness to warmly welcome me and let me do some stuff, so I began building some things and playing with the meshes.

What we face now together is the lack of some assets specifics to Hammerfell. While the previous teams left some architecture, clutter and flora we can use, there is a complete nothingness of other resources…

In particular for now, we are searching clothes and creatures meshes with textures to place in Hammerfell. There also will be a need for armors and weapons, clutter and furniture, and various architectural styles.


This is not a call for a new big team creation. Our work for now is very modest, we progress as we can, on day-to-day basis. This is just to let you know, if you’re interested to work on some Oblivion resource, to make one or two quick meshes oriented towards Hammerfell lore, to contribute to the continuation of a former TR project, to bring to 3D some old Concept Art from TR, to have your name credited in the mod, well, you’ll be welcome.