How to set rig (vanilla skeleton with mesh)

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2016-09-30 15:55
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I'm again trying some workflow for Morroiwid animations. Can anyone provide me Morrowind vanilla skeleton with meshes attached to it for 3ds Max 2012 version? Like seen in a photo 1 (for Skyrim).

Photo 1 -

Photo 2 -

I know how to import skeleton (photo 2), but I don't know how to import meshes (nord head, nord arms, nord legs, etc...). When I try to import this .nif files they are not attached to skeleton, they just get imported in the center of the grid.

The goal is to try and transfer some of Skyrims animation to Morrowind by retargeting and fixing the RAW animations, like seen in the clip.
Then send them back to 3ds Max and export to .kf