Inspiration list for non-journal encounters (interiors)

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2020-03-21 19:43
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This list came to be when Rats brought up the potential for small encounters in guard towers.

  • Worldbuilding through notes
    • guards writing home
    • letters from their loved ones (or an anonymous love letter accompanied by a rose)
    • correspondence with local merchants or powers (bribes, advertisements)
  • Treasure hunting
    • highly-placed items that are clearly visible, but unreachable without levitation
    • a soft hum hinting at an amulet hidden underneath a pillow
    • keys on a hook/nail encouraging you to figure out what it unlocks. The key should be out in the open and unguarded to tempt the weak, but the chest would be well hidden and may require levitation.
  • Sound cues in general that lead to "interesting times", whether combat or treasure.
  • Off-duty guards
    • drinking, playing games (dice, cards, betting, or dares)
    • two guards locked into a discussion over whose beard/smile/weapon is the greatest, inviting the player to voice their opinion.
  • An animal got into the pantry/storage room and made a mess of things.
  • Telekinesis encounters. Ideally the object is in clear sight, but within a small niche of sorts (under a shelf or bed, perhaps, only visible while moving up the stairs?) Could be a key to one of the containers.


To avoid oversaturation of the world with a particular idea, it might be useful to post whenever one of the more specific ideas is used. This doesn't really matter for the notes, of course. Post below or message me with other specific ideas and I can add them to the list.