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2020-07-02 08:18
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This mod has made me move my timeline for pc ownership forward! I need to get in there and see this. 

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2016-01-25 21:01
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That sounds awesome. Happy to have you take an interest in our project. If you are looking to pursue concept art that can be very helpful for us. We are always in need of concept artists to help devs get a better picture of what they are making. If you have discord you can follow us there also. That is where everyone is as we aren't as active on the website. There is a link in the footer and also in the community tab in the header of this website. If you drop by, post a comment and that you are looking to do concept art, and there will be someone available to point you in the right direction ;)

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2020-11-15 19:53
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Hi. You guys have been around a while. cool.

I've been a Tes fan a long time too. When I bought Oblivion, I didn't even need it, since Morrowind was still a lot of fun.  Well I played Oblivion and Skyrim (some Fallouts too). On the PC, Skyrim I lost when I dumped Windows. I have Linux now as an interest. and am playing a bit with the OMW CS. So, I wonder if I should fill in all the map areas flying and jumping across Vvardenfell or get serious about a Linux OMW modding setup. It's all good, isn't it?

I have a quest idea I should develop, I have thousands of hours in Gimp and Blender. I might write scripts too, though my programming skills are laughable.


 It's pronounced Illlekeebog, or maybe I like bogs.

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2020-11-16 18:00
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1 month 2 weeks ago

Wow, I haven't been on the forums for over a decade but I'm really excited to see all the work that's still being done!
About me: just a regular old 3d and texture artist. I use 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Substance Painter. I also spend a substantial amount of time producing and mixing music. I'm interested in helping out in any way I can! 
Stoked to be back!