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2017-03-06 19:24
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Howdy everyone, I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but this seemed like the best place to post. I am a Software Engineering Major (Junior Status), with a minor in Computer Science. I currently specialize in C++, using Object Oriented Programming ideas and logics. I have aspirations in getting into the game industry, so I'm hoping to break into some projects and get some experience. Morrowind will always hold a special place in my heart as its expansive and its alien landscapes had captivated me when I was a child--thus, planting the seeds for me yearning to make games. 

I love writing and imagining story driven games, but I have really gotten into the challenge of solving bugs and issues. In terms of modding, I don't have a lot of experience, only messing around in the Skyrim Creation Kit, thus I'd need to download and practice in the Morrowind CS before I even attempted to do a showcase. I'm currently getting my programming fix from OpenMW (just signed up and going to try and tackle some of their bugs).

So to conclude this rambling, I'm not sure if you guys need a programmer (once I figure out the Morrowind CS, I wouldn't mind scripting), if not, I'll continue to work on my skills for developing exteriors and interiors in the CS. But, I also would love to help write some quests and characters, as I have some some great story ideas from my time RP'ing on ESO. Anyways, I look forward to meeting you all--it's crazy how I followed this way back when I was in middle school, and now I'm a junior in College! 

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2014-03-16 17:45
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I think there is generally little "pure scripting" work needed CS-wise, though some new members like to implement quests with pre-written dialogue which is something close to scripting, and also making fixes for certain current bugs could be both useful and a way to learn one's way around the CS and its quirks,

Programming skills can also come in handy for tools/operations external to the CS. Seems the languages used for that are rather python or perl? someone might know better.