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2022-01-09 21:27
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Here's my (long overdue showcase) for both TR and PT.
the general theme is a resident of Balmora, most likely a Male dunmer or imperial / breton living by themselves, with a table set for one extra person.
Cell is called: TR_Jawohl_InteriorShowcase

I look forward for feedback.

Binary Data TR_Jawohl_InteriorShowcase.ESP8.25 KB2022-05-06 18:58
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2022-01-09 21:27
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Jackimoff Wackimoff
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2021-02-06 12:11
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Name: TR_Jawohl_InteriorShowcase

Clean: Yes, good

Lighting: Sunlight & fog quite a lot too high. Ambient greyscale, for ambient aim for a colour shown in the attached image.

Candle in the middle of the circular table causing greenlight, please move it towards the edge of the table.

Swap light_de_candle_02 on the bookshelf for a 64 variant.

Northmarker: Present, good

Fits exterior: No, door arrangement does not match any ex_hlaalu asset.

Pathgrid: A few nodes appear to have been duplicated accidentally, delete the doubled up nodes. One path on the upper floor is impossible to traverse because it goes through the banister. One unnecessary node on the bottom floor by the bookshelf, two nodes is not necessary here.

Illegal to Sleep Here: No, incorrect.

Gridsnap: Yes, good

light_de_candle_02, into the shelf
bk_lustyargonianmaid, into the floor

com_sack_01_saltrice_5 x2

Set Mismatch:
active_de_r_bed_02, swap for a _p bed

Rescaled miscs:


Tapestries need to be slighty further up and sticking out a bit more. Will show an example below.

Rugs such as furn_de_rug_big_06 need to be sunk so the tassles sit on the floor. Don't forget to drop everything on top of the rug when you lower this.

Cell is quite bare, could use more assets to fill it up. Also has no Tamriel_Data assets. Load this with Tamriel_Data.esm and add in some of the TR assets.

Nearly every asset is slightly off base on the furniture, make sure you're using the f-key to drop things on the surface. Some assets on top of furniture will need rotating. Consult the asset placement guide for more details: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/content/tutorial-item-placement-tutorial

ₒₕ, bₒₒ𝒹?