Kragen Mar Interior Survey 1: Manor District

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Part 1 of the Kragenmoor interior survey, 

Actually been sitting on these for a while and just procrastinating from posting. 
As usual all devs are encouraged to look at the works in-question to judge for themselves. Map coordinates conform to the version of Kragenmoor in the current rest_exteriors (as of 09/12/2020) , not Nemon-mar (though of course by the time these documents becomes relevent that will have changed) <files can be downloaded here and are also compartmentalised for ease of navigation.

GOOD: only personal taste concerns, can be merged
OKAY: minor errors that can be fixed, shouldnt need a review before merging
NEEDS WORK: Should be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed
DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: Needs to be fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed
SCRAP IT: Needs a new claim be opened to replace it.

TR_i4-137-Hla: Scrap it
Number 1 on the map. Doesn’t fit shell, cluttering is only average at best and the exterior stands to receive an extensive facelift along the lines of other major Hlaalu cities
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_24

TR_i4-138-hla: Needs work
Number 2 on the map. The layout is weird, master bedroom connecting to storage with the dining room upstairs connecting to a side bedroom room, this could use some extra thought. Doors needing fixing, needs a clutter update and pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_06

TR_i4-139-Hla: Okay
Number 3 on the map. Aside from the lack of Mephala tapestries and the Masters office there isnt really anything objectionable here, on the reverse it definitely seems too small for a city as prominent as Kragenmoor (bit of a recurrent theme there) so I'd again be inclined to kick this to another settlement (St Seryn perhaps?) in favour of a more elaborate set-up. Will need doors fixed, clutter updated and a pathgrid
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_08

TR i4-140-Hla: Doesnt fit shell
Number 4 on the map. Minor example in that the north facing section is one segment too long. Otherwise decent little home, albeit definitely should get moved to the city proper (less of a manor more just the home of someone well off) needs clutter updated and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_10

TR_i4-141-hla: Okay
Number 5 on the map. Pretty good, needs door fixes, clutter updated and a pathgrid. This one definitely isnt a manor, actually questioning if a house this size should even be R but Kragenmoor is a wealthy town so it could be justified.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05

TR_i4-142-hla: Needs work
Number 6 on the map. Pretty solid, but is a bit thin on clutter, this one could use some extra attention as well as the clutter updating, door fixing and pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_09

TR_i4-143-Hla: Needs work
Number 7 on the map. Could probably pass for okay, but I'd recommend some layout tweaks, namely bringing the sub basement up to the same level as the rest and losing the guest(?) room. Additionally quite a lot of odd cluttering like the steed banner in the upper room or the common redware table spread. Needs a pathgrid.