Kragen Mar Interior Survey 2: "Foreign Quarter"

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Part 2 of the Kragenmoor interior survey

All devs are encouraged to look at the works in-question to judge for themselves. Map coordinates conform to the version of Kragenmoor in the current rest_exteriors (as of 09/12/2020) , not Nemon-mar (though of course by the time these documents becomes relevent that will have changed) <files can be downloaded here and are also compartmentalised for ease of navigation.

GOOD: only personal taste concerns, can be merged
OKAY: minor errors that can be fixed, shouldnt need a review before merging
NEEDS WORK: Should be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed
DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: Needs to be fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed
MOVE IT: Interior is better in another location.
SCRAP IT: Needs a new claim be opened to replace it.

TR_i4-144: Needs work
Number 8 on the map. Not a massive fan of the premise here by default, but assuming its still wanted this will need its cluttering revamped pretty severely, the common redware being traded out for actual de clutter, the telvanni helmets definetly should be replaced with Hlaalu or redoran ones, the guar toys being knocked back and a general spruce up to variety in objects. Needs a pathgrid
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_27

TR_i4-145-Hla: Scrap it
Number 9 on the map. The bar itself might be worth salvaging, but the rest of the layout is abysmal and the rest is under-cluttered, definetly feel like a claimant would be better served working on a new claim rather than working around this one.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_18

TR_i4-146-hla: Okay
Number 10 on the map. I'd actually call this good, but it should have its liquor updated with some extra cyrodiil varities (mori comes to mind), flora changed and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_23

TR_i4-147-Hla: Okay
Number 11 on the map. Needs the clothing selected updated with TD clothes, the flora updated with Shipal-OW plants, some extra tailor clutter from TD and a pathgrid. Personally would also advocate altering the downstairs level somewhat to accommodate a door for privacy.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05

TR_i4-148: Scap it
Number 12 on the map. This is not a bad claim by any stretch it just falls short of what it should be. Kragenmoors Mages Guild would be the oldest if not the largest MG in morrowind so definitely should be something special (read: unique ext) and some extra loving with the int work and what there currently would simply be unwieldy to work with. (Plus its not brilliantly cluttered for the most part so I wouldnt cry over this one getting lost)
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_12

Tri4-149-hla: Okay
Number 13 on the map. Book selection needs to be checked over for deprecates/questionable choices + see some new literature added, after that general clutter and flora updates, also lose the wallscreen stairs and weird wall downstairs. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05

TR_i4-150-hla: Okay
Number 14 on the map. The jewlery selection could stand to be checked tos ee if we have any variants that dont come up black that could be used to substitute whats there, also need the gemstones checked over for depcreates/which gemstones are supposed to be locally available hence should be prelevent. After that flora and clutter update. Needs doors fixed and a pathgrid.

TR_i4-151-hla: Needs work/Okay
Number 15 on the map.
Downstairs: Needs work. Premise of a battlemage doesnt really feel aparent, could stand to receive a clutter facelift and also would knock the furniture down to de_m. Needs flora updated, doors fixed and a pathgrid
Upstairs: Okay, door fix and pathgrid are really all it needs, some extra clutter couldnt hurt but its a 2x2 poor apartment so...
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_11

TR_i4-152-hla: Needs work
Number 16 on the map. The basement being doubled needs to get fixed, obviously, after that the ladder acsess needs to be replaced with stairs (with fixes and nudges as nessary). Needs weapons updated with TD variants, clutter pass and pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_28

TR_i4-153: Scrap it
Number 17 on the map. Same deal as the MG, older hall and more established hall should be bigger and better, Cluttering and layout here are a bit half baked by regular standards as well though and its also too wide for its shell, albeit if we end up having a FG somewhere in the TV or OW this might be worth trying to fix up.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_06

TR_i4-154-hla: Good
Number 18 on the map. Needs flora updated and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_07

TR_i4-155-hla: Needs work
Number 19 on the map. Needs furniture updated to de_m and a piece or two of Kragen bonemold added and a pathgrid, might benefit from a little extra clutter as well.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_15

TR_i4-156-hla: Scrap it
Number 20 on the map. I am actually surprised this one was up to standards even for Old TR. Literally just a shrine with some pews. Given Kragenmoor is up for getting a proper round-style imperial chapel with would be scrapped anyway but still, poor form.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05

TR_i4-157-Hla: Needs work
Number 21 on the map. Downstairs accsess should be by stairway, jagga needs to be removed, general clutter update and pathgrid needed.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_28

TR-i4-158-Red: Needs work
Number 22 on the map. Needs furniture updated to de_m and a piece or two of Kragen bonemold added, lighting fixed (blue isnt correct) and needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_13

TR_i4-159-hla: Needs work
Number 23 on the map. Both floors have the same issues, need much more cluttering, flora updates and pathgrids.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_21

TR_i4-160-hla: Okay/doesnt fit shell
Number 24 on the map
Downstairs: Okay, needs flora updated, door fixed and a pathgrid. (more clutter would be nice too)
Upstairs: Doesnt fit shell, should only be 2x2, that said I'd just transfer this to a new ex_hlaalu_b_05 building with the flora, door and pathgrid fixes rather than bother with truncating the shell.

TR_i4-161-Hla: Needs work
Number 25 on the map. The armor selection needs to be updated and more smithing related clutter to be added (metal ingots, chitin hunks, tools ect), the container scaling is noticeable and the areas outside the store-front are a bit patchy with the clutter, also needs flora updates and a pathgrid. Bones of a great int are there though so the works worth it.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_10

TR_i4-162-Hla: Move it
Number 26 on the map. Okay Kragenmoor hasnt been planned much, but due to being the most imperialised city in Morrowind its pretty much garunteed we'll be having a magistrates court here so a “jail” is redundant, that said this would be very easily transferred to another town in OW or SH. Eitherway needs the bonemold updated and a pathgrid added

TR_i4-163-hla: Okay
Number 27 on the map. Upper floor should be cut off into its own cell (standard) but seems otherwise fine lack of a pathgrid aside. Lower floor could use some cluttering and it needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_02

TR_i4-165_Hla (TR_i4-164_Hla's int was misnamed): Scrap it
Number 28 on the map. Empty in the bad way, the shells decent but otherwise this execution doesnt leave anything really to work with. Run-down manor works better with more space and faux-rich would be better design work to convey.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_09

TR_i4-165 (the real one) Okay/doesnt fit shell (debatbly)
Number 29 on the map.
Lower floor, okay. Needs its lighting fixed (blue lamp/buglamp) and could use some extra cluttering, needs a pathgrid.
Upper floor, doesnt fit shell. An argument could be made for this being 2x3, but really 2x2 is all that could reasonbly fit, that said the current version feels over cluttered so removing the pillars and some of the furniture to tighten this up could be good, I would also suggest knocking the furniture down to de_m scholars arent the richest lot and that goes double for Orcs (not to mention 2x2 aint speaking to wealth). Will of course need a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_22

TR_i4-166-hla: Okay
Number 30 on the map. Needs doors fixed, the flora updated and a pathgrid. Bit more clutter wouldnt hurt.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_03

TR_i4-167-hla: Needs work
Number 31 on the map. Given Kragenmoors strategic position I'd actually assume her guard captain would have more elaborate quarters in the cities main garrison rather than a lone house, to that end I'd suggest this just be a wealthy warriors home. In either event would benefit from more clutter and it needs flora fixed and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_09

TR_i4-168: Doesnt fit shell
Number 32 on the map. Top floor needs to be brought forward to fully rest on the lower floor. After that a clutter pass is in order, origonal claimant did a good effort to add the makings of arrow-making but there is a better variety in data (namely, feathers) and the obligatory pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_14

TR_i4-169 (nice): Okay
Number 33 on the map. Needs its clutter updated, couple of usable items added to the mix would be good but really just needs some data varities of sets (ie stoneware, maybe the expanded blueware) needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_08

TR_i4_170: Needs work
Number 34 on the map. Lightings too dull, needs furniture upgrade to de_m, bonemold swapped to Kragen, additonal clutter and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_13

TR_i4_171-Hla: Move it
Number 35 on the map. This is the kind of travellers Hostel I'd expect to see further away from towns and cities rather than right next to one, so I'd transplant this to a lonely road in Shipal. That said there are also some issues here, lot of greenlight, cluttering is patchy, upper floor looks like there might be too many bunks so hard to navigate.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_10