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2017-01-07 02:37
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After playing the game a few too many times, and coming back to it after many years, I decided to give this a go. Hopefully, I’m fairly up to par considering I’ve never opened the construction set until now.

Everything is vanilla Morrowind.

And before somebody mentions it, no, the helmets and the spoon are not clipping; I just disagree with their natural placement, so I fit them as best I could by hand.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention it’s named “Malefactory Showcase” in the editor.

Binary Data Malefactory Showcase.ESP13.57 KB2017-01-09 06:21
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2016-01-17 13:07
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Hi Malefactory, welcome to TR! Thanks for putting together a showcase.

Unfortunately, I can’t review your showcase in its current state as you’ve mixed Imperial (in_c_* and furn_com_*) and Dark Elf (furn_de_*) statics; Vanilla MW is fairly consistent about seperating cultural styles with its interiors, and TR strives to do the same, so it’s important that your showcase follows this guideline as well. Since you’re required to use de_p furniture for your showcase, the most straight-forward solution would be to adapt your interior to use the Hlaalu set instead of Imperial, but it’s up to you. Make sure you’ve thoroughly read the Interior Showcase Guidelines in the Modder’s Guide, as this goes over the showcase requirements in detail.

While I can’t give you a proper review just yet, here are some pointers on your current showcase to keep in mind:

‘Domestic’ interiors like this one should have “Illegal To Sleep Here” checked in the Interior Cell settings to stop the player from squatting in occupied homes.

The cell lighting you’ve chosen is good, but some of the light objects you’ve placed in the interior are a bit too powerful and are lighting through to the floor above/below. Check the radii of lights with the ‘L’ key and try to swap out the larger-radius lights for lower-powered ones.
You’ve done well rotating objects to sit nicely on the de_p surfaces, some of the larger statics (such as the bed) are floating/bleeding. Check carefully from multiple angles whenever you’re moving objects to ensure they’re positioned correctly.

When working on an interior, consider the background of the interior’s occupants; if you have a narrative in your head that you’re trying to get across, indicate it when you submit your interior as otherwise it can leave open questions about the design (is the occupant a member of the Tribunal Temple? Are they a member of the Imperial Legion? Why is the training room hidden behind a tapestry?)


And before somebody mentions it...

Sadly, that’s precisely what I’m here to do! With regards to the helmets/spoon, you’re quite correct in that the selection box of these items (and most irregular-shaped objects, really) don’t correctly sit on flat surfaces at default rotation, so you’re required to position them manually; this isn’t a get-out-of-clipping-free card, though, so make sure you spend extra time getting these trickier items to lay flush. Currently, the Imperial helmet in the side room looks good, but the Redoran helm and the spoon are bleeding a little into their respective surfaces.

On the positive side, you’ve clearly got a handle on rotation/scaling and your interior is nicely cluttered and you’ve got most of the important details down (your file is clean, gridsnap is used correctly, a Northmarker is present and your lighting is good) and generally the design is good (though the characterisation is a little unclear). This really is a solid start, but it needs to be reworked before I can give it a formal review. Let me know if you need any further clarification on the guidelines.