Mehrunes Dagon Region (just an idea, please don't hate me)

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2016-01-25 21:01
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There should be a new region for mehrunes dagon. The other good/bad daedra have their sections.


Azura's Coast
Molag Amur
Mephalan Vales
Boethiah's Spine
Marahk Bazhul


Idea came up that a section where there is a mass congregation of chlorine pools in the deshaan (an infamous section of the plains, known to be deadly) could be such a region.
Region could be small, as small as Firemoth region.


Vern brought up a good point, that the Dres are the more Daedra heavy of the great houses, so not having a region named after a deadra is a little strange for them.

I know this goes against some of the planning, but Dres lands have not had any development yet, and this seems like quite a harmless addition that completes the good and bad daedra theme, as far as regions are concerned.