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2016-01-26 00:42
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I’ve had this exterior showcase banging around my Data folder for over a year now so I decided to tidy it up and post it. My last showcase thread was on the old forum so I assume its fine to make another one here. This showcase uses the “Showcase Exterior.esp” plugin (i can’t include it here because it exceeds 2mbs) and the cells that I filled in are both called ‘FILL ME IN’ in the CS. I didn’t pathgrid it, wasn’t sure if I was suppose to and also don’t really know that tool well. I’m sure there are things that need to be fixed up but I think its pretty much there already. Don’t worry about the script I added to the shrine I placed, it was mostly just a fun exercise I left in and isn’t the focus of the showcase.

PLEASE PRIORITIZE NEW MEMBERS SHOWCASES AND CLAIMS ABOVE THIS. I can continue working on interiors and being productive there for a while.

Binary Data Miraclestone's Exterior Showcase.ESP124.13 KB2016-11-26 21:38
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2014-03-16 17:45
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I'm not at al qualified to review or even give advice about exteriors but here are some comments, might serve as bump if nothing else,

A few elements, mostly trees, have no shading underneath. Shading might be wanted under large flora too,


Transition between regions: not sure about TR conventions but it could be smoother than having large rock formations of very different colours sticking side by side? Looking at vanilla, transitions from ashlands are much smoother because they rely on terrain elevation more than rock meshes

terrain_rock_rm_15    FILL ME IN (-5,-21)    -34646    -171952    1809    "ashland and GL rocks"   



Also like all the paths, they do a very good job of leading the player around organically.