Morrowind Multiplayer (tes3mp) Patreon

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2016-01-17 01:30
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You can now support the guys that are working the incredible Multiplayer implementation for OpenMW on Patreon. The contributions will primarily be used to maintain a master server list, a website, a test server and to make hardware upgrades. 

Here is a link to it.

Just recently on the 29th of October they’ve released their new version 0.3.0 (release 005) which already features quite a bit of world synchronization between the players:

Starting with this release, every other player currently on the server can see you pick up and drop items in the world, open and unlock doors, and open most scripted gates like the ones at Ghostgate, various Dwemer ruins and Sotha Sil's Clockwork City.

Furthermore various improvements were made on things such as the local map, chat window and stability.

You can see many of the newest features in action in this video over here.

The next release is set to include the long-awaited NPC synchronization.