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2016-07-14 15:50
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Hi, I am a new member of the forums! To introduce myself, I’m a french-canadian (so sorry in advance for any bad syntax or grammatical errors in english) who has been playing Morrowind on and off since approx 2003. But I just recently got to modding, about a year ago, and never relased an officialy finished mod to the public. I have touched many aspects of modding, mainly custumizing existing mods for my own tastes: I’ve modified and created small scripts, modified and created new textures for the Dwemer ruins and Velothi architexture and still working on a city-mod that expands Suran and adds little quests and a puchasable house. My main project right now is customizing the Morrowind Accoustic Overhaul (MAO) to include more music pieces (not my own, but maybe someday) and create more ambient tracks (from samples and originals). I work in the music area, so I have skills with the creation, production and alteration of sounds and music.

I am still not yet decided on what I am most interested in helping in Tamriel Rebuilt, I will read more of the forums threads to make me more familiar and help me decide, but I am looking forward to participating in this exiting project!

I have a question though, that I did not find answers to in my seaches in the forums: I know that there was a music score (of 7 tracks or so) included in earlier releases of Tamriel Rebuilt, but this seems to have been abandoned since. Is there a sub-project underway to include a music score and/or sound overhaul? If not, where can I discuss and propose this idea to the community? I have loads of ideas, loads of time and loads of motivation for this :-)


edit: I found the audio section. will repost there!

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Hi and welcome to TR!

I think we pretty much have no music designers anymore, so you are an island unto yourself.
Since you’ve replicated the thread elsewhere, I’ll just close this one.

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