Narsis interior survey: part 4 “Foreign Quarter”

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Part 4 of the Narsis int survey

All devs are encouraged to look through and comment. <files can be downloaded here and are also compartmentalised for ease of navigation.


GOOD: only personal taste concerns, can be merged

OKAY: minor errors that can be fixed after its merged.

NEEDS WORK: Should be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed

DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: Needs to be fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed

SCRAP IT: Needs a new claim be opened to replace it.

TR_i6-41-hla: Good
Number 1 on the map. Needs the furniture updated to de_m and a wall added to the downstairs stairwell, but otherwise fine.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_15

Tr_i6-42: Okay
Number 2 on the map. Com_p is not suited for hlaalu interiors, but barring that getting swapped this needs a clutter pass and pathgrid.
Due to the size and niche of new arrival, probably a good fit for an apartment block.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05

TR_i6-43-hla: Needs work
Number 3/4 on the map. Again use of com funriture, however here it needs the class made consistent anyway and also should get broken into separate cells, cluttering is well done otherwise. Needs a pathgrid.
Once split these would both make for good apartment additons.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_21

tr_i6-44: Needs work
Number 5 on the map. Lot of weird tile-set choices and I dont just mean the obvious one with the exterior piece to achieve a curve matching the shell, otherwise its inconsistently cluttered (and yes, using com furniture). I am actually leaning closer to suggesting this be scrapped but it doesn’t seem overly hard to resolve the issues here. Needs a pathgrid
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_09

TR_i6-45: Needs work-scrap it
Number 6/7 on the map. TBH my issue here is that these are A. Redundant (Narsis already has scholars and Enchanters, and the MG) and B. neither of these are overly good.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_13 and ex_hlaalu_b_11 merged

TR_i6-46-Hla: Needs asset work/doesnt fit shell
Number 9 on the map. The oven set-up should get replaced with a dedicated asset. Otherwise the majority doesnt really fit the extererior, I would suggest just deleting the residential portion and keeping the makering as standalone since it is well enough designed. Needs a pathgrid
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_26

TR_i6-47-Hla_Lower: Okay
Number 10 on the map. Fairly bland pair of ints, both could use a clutter pass, usual complaint about use of com. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_02

tr_i6-48: Needs work/doesnt fit shell
Number 11 on the map. I would like to say this one's good, but there is a lot of cluttering oddities that need fixing, choice of banners, the amount of foreign liquor and generally static placements, also that side tower should not be disconected by a load door to lead to another load door that needs to be dealt with. With the shell situation, bad case of tardis but also would be worth a new ext so thats a secondary concern.
Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_08

TR_i6_49: Scrap it
Number 12/13 on map. Very bland and uninteresting homes, not worth salvaging.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_27

TR_i6-50-Hla: scrap it
Number 14 on the map. Simply put this is an oversized, under designed and under cluttered set of ints, which frankly is confusing to navigate and generally boring, which for a major guild hub is unnaceptble. The large atrium-planter thing might be worth reusing somewhere else, but on whole this needs to be redone inside and out.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_24 and ex_hlaalu_b_15 merged

TR_i6-51-hla: Okay
Number 15 on the map. Could use a clutter pass but is otherwise okay. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_07

TR_i6-51-hla: Scrap it*
Number 16 on the map. Similar problems with the MG of being too big with the focus being on fitting in an interior planter set up rather than training halls and armories like a major FG hall should have. I put it with an asterisk though because there are parts of this that might be worth cutting out and re-purposing for different ints, but I dont think this would make a solid foundation to work back from for a guild hall. Again I would suggest a new exteior shell and a fresh int.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05, ex_hlaalu_b_09 and ex_hlaalu_b_11 combined