Narsis Interior survey: part 6 "Narsis Ferry"

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Part 6 of the Narsis int survey

All devs are encouraged to look through and comment. <files can be downloaded here and are also compartmentalised for ease of navigation.


GOOD: only personal taste concerns, can be merged

OKAY: minor errors that can be fixed after its merged.

NEEDS WORK: Should be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed

DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: Needs to be fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed

SCRAP IT: Needs a new claim be opened to replace it.

TR_i6-67-Hla: *Scrap it /doesnt fit shell
Number 1 on the map. Okay this is just not in anyway shape or form fitting of an EEC office, the concept of it being “small because of hlaalu competition” was whack from the out (seriously, its on one of the biggest routes through the province and in a tri-provincial trade area the narsis EEC should be *huge*), but the cluttering is really underwhelming too boot, additionally its too big for its shell. That said, there might be the bones of a halfway decent small manor here.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_09

TR i6-68-Hla: scrap it
Number 2 on the map. Extremely moddy looking cobbling and also, no kwama eggs anywhere to be seen. Very much an instance where the claimant picked form over function and failed. Doesnt fit the exterior either.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_08

TR_i6-69: Okay
Number 3 on the map. Needs a clutter and lighting pass, but Narsis does not need another generic Alchemist shop, this should get kicked to another town in any case. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_10

TR_i6-70-Hla: Okay
Number 4 on the map. Eh pretty boring for a house, but a clutter pass to give some character probably would fix it. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_04

TR_i6-71: Needs work.
Number 5 on the map. I am not sure such an up-market kind of store should be so small, but what is here would make a good start, maybe attached to something like the bazzaar not sure. Regardless will need the wine selection tweaked quite heavily, about half of it should be made the generic sweet/sour wines with the specific brands being more divided in quantities by value, also might want to come up with a few new wines for this place for future proofing purposes. Also needs a light clutter pass and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_28

TR_i6-72-Hla: Okay
Number 6 on the map. No residence, but not thats strictly essential if the guys got an apartment marked, otherwise needs the books checked for questionable entries/deprecates, small clutter pass and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_02

TR_i6-73-Hla: Doesnt fit shell
Number 7 on the map. Too big for the shell, but given this is supposed to be an apartment complex this would be up for an ext re-design anyway. After that some re-cluttering and pathgrids.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_12

TR_i6-74-Hla: Okay
Number 8 on the map. Another redware potter, would transfer it to another Hlaalu town though. And replace the forge with a kitbash or dedicated kiln asset. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_18

TR_i6-75-hla: Okay
Number 9 on the map. Should be two cells or made part of an apartment complex, but the invidual cluttering is solid. Needs pathgrids
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_22

TR_i6-76-Hla: Needs work
Number 10 on the map. Given how many barells there are around anyone making them should have a bigger set-up otherwise it looks comical, in this case the middle floor is just sorta pointless and the basement workshop could stand to be expanded. Not a fan of the disconnected residence either. Will need pathgrids
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_21

TR_i6-77-Hla: Needs work
Number 11 on the map. Needs the variety of banners toned down, bottom floor breaks the norm by looping all the way around and the upstairs parts need a clutter pass. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_15

TR_i6-78_hla: Needs work
Number 12 on the map. Not sure this one belong outside of town, its just a bar, tables and stage, likewise as just a bar set-up its a little small. Stage couldn't fit NPC's on it... eh this one could do with some work either to expand it out as a better ferry stop or just be made a hole-in-the-wall for one of the denser districts. Needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_20