Narsis interior survey: part 7 "West Wall"

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Part 7 of the Narsis int survey

All devs are encouraged to look through and comment. <files can be downloaded here and are also compartmentalised for ease of navigation.


GOOD: only personal taste concerns, can be merged

OKAY: minor errors that can be fixed after its merged.

NEEDS WORK: Should be fixed as its own claim and then re-reviewed

DOESN'T FIT EXTERIOR/SHELL: Needs to be fixed as its own claim and re-reviewed

SCRAP IT: Needs a new claim be opened to replace it.

TR_i6-79-Hla: Doesnt fit shell
Number 1 on the map. Doesnt include a lower-door, also an unusually large basement, otherwise okay. Needs a pathgrid.

tr_i6-80-hla: Doesn’t fit shell
Number 2 on the map. Annoying example, from above it'd look right but ex_hlaalu_b_23 has alcoves in the side next to the door externally, meaning the internal sections in the same place are off, pretty much impossible to fix without screwing up all the cluttering, might be salvageable if its part of a complex. Elsewise, needs a clutter check the arms and armor selection could probably use a revision. Needs a pathgrid
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_23

TR_i6-81-Hla: Needs work
Number 3 on the map. Too small a set-up for a slave retrival outfit in a major city, likewise not sure it'd make sense to have more than one in Narsis given how the Hlaalu like making a show for the imperials so minor slave-hunters as well as the Narsis cat-catchers would be overboard, that said if we lost the lower floor and turned the bed into a single this'd easily pass as the home of a veteran of the Arnesian war, alternately could be moved to another town. In either event needs a clutter pass and pathgrid.

TR-i6-82-hla: Scrap it
Number 4 on the map. It doesnt fit its shell, the tapestries-as-cloth looks moddy and most of the other clutter is pretty lacklustre, better off with a fresh claim.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_20

TR_i6-83-Hla: Doesnt fit shell
Number 5 on the map. All the stairs and so forth in the back would need to be cut for this to fit its shell and honestly even in a complex that parts a mess, that said I do think there is some stuff here worth salvaging the main room would be a good start for a gambling den but will need ext tweaks. The downstairs escaped slave hideout is pretty awful though so I'd suggest scrapping it. Will need clutter updates and a pathgrid after everything else.

TR_i6-84-Hla: Doesnt fit shell/Okay
Number 6 on the map. Lower floor should only be 2x2x1 which frankly would help as the detailing is thin in this one. Otherwise, pair of ints that are prime for getting made part of an apartment complex, need some small clutter passes and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_11

TR_i6-85-hla: Good
Number 7 on the map. Flora should be replaced with something from Shipal-TV but otherwise it just needs a pathgrid.
Would work in an apartment
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_05

Tr_i6_86: Needs work
Number 8&10 on the map (here we go again). Okay, the halls and connectors are abysmal, but some of the rooms would definitely be worth keeping for a new complex.
Shell: Look at the map

TR i6-87-Hla: Doesnt fit shell
Number 9 on the map. Subtle example, upper floor should have something all the way underneath. Leaning towards the apartment suggestion with some layout tweaks. Needs its flora updated, a clutter pass and a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_27

TR-88-Hla: Doesnt fit shell ?
Number 11 on the map. Needs a flora update, clutter pass and pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_14

tr_i6-89: Okay/needs asset work
Number 12 on the map.
Upper: Tapestry arrangement looks moddy and should just be a wall-screen, otherwise looks fine
Lower: tapestries in the show room look moddy and the crystal ball should probably be replaced with something less cobbled (new asset?) and lightining needs a check (lot of static light objects with movable objects being the “source”)
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_26?

TR_i6-90-hla: Good
Number 13 on the map. Needs the fire fern replaced with a local plant and a pathgrid.
Good choice for apartment.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_28

TR_i6-91: Scrap it
Number 14 on the map. Weird interior/exterior combo, minimal cluttering, better off scrapped and a new claim made.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_07 (jammed up into a cliff)

TR_i6-92-Hla: Okay
Number 15 on the map. Needs a clutter pass and pathgrid
Exterior was deleted so this one would be good for apartments if a shell cant be chosen.
Shell: ?

TR_i6-93-Hla: Scrap it
Number 16 on the map. Breaks convention for hlaalu towers and is blandly cluttered.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_15

TR_i6-94: Needs asset work
Number 17 on the map. The merchandise needs a look-over, the notion of raw meat being some Khajiit are into sounds suspect to me, additionally the “Sugar Bread” should be a new asset rather than a claim specific variant of another (deprecated?) bread since it might eventually be something used in either Elsweyr or Cyrodiil. After all those considerations, the forge should be replaced with either an oven kitbash or proper asset (if we get one) and both cells need pathgrids.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_11

TR_i6-95-Hla: Doesnt fit shell
Number 18 on the map. Absent door access and weird lower lower floor, once re-aligned to standard should just need a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_13

TR_i6-96-Hla: Doesnt fit shell/Okay
Number 19 on the map.
Downstairs: Should only be 2x3 and having a private gallery is the opposite of struggling, that should be scrapped and using now available assets a gungy looking studio made if an artist is still whats wanted. (Maybe ping kaiel for that) Will need a pathgrid.
Upstairs: Cluttering is a bit flat and could use a spruce up. Needs a pathgrid
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_16

TR_i6-97-Hla: Scrap it
Number 20 on the map. Bad use of space, its windy and over-cobbled with very little in the way of substance, frankly there isn’t much here worth salvaging so this should be started clean. The Narsis TG is the HQ for the whole province so need to be on-ball in its presentation interior and exterior.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_25 built into cliff and additionally cobbled.

TR_i6-98-Hla: Needs work
Number 21 on the map. Top floor is abysmally cluttered, the bottom floor debate room might be worth keeping, its a bit moddy for my tastes but does fit NPC's so if the clubs still concepted as functioning in that way it'd work as well as anything, though frankly I'd lean towards scrapping and starting over.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_12 built into cliff

TR_i6-99-hla: Needs work
Number 22 on the map. Inconsistently cluttered and poor use of banners, but seems salvageable, needs a pathgrid.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_27

TR_i6-100-hla: Okay
Number 23 on the map. Needs a clutter pass in the downstairs portion, upstairs should be its own cell and both need pathgrids.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_02

TR_i6-101: Scrap it*
Number 24 on the map. The restaurant cell is oversized for its exterior and tbh pretty blandly cluttered for the most part, the upper floor being outright under-cluttered, I might have suggested fixing except with the modular set a fancy Narsis restaurant could have a much better layout so really a fresh start would be better here.
*The kitchen might be worth keeping for a new restaurant though.
Shell:ex_hlaalu_b_25 + ex_hlaalu_b_03

TR_i6-102-Hla: Scrap it
Number 25 on the map. Opposite issue of the above, this one is too compact for its role and doesnt really give off the either a high class or low class brothel vibe, but its not really good for anything else so yeah scrap it.
Shell: ex_hlaalu_b_18

TR i6-103-hla: Needs work/*doesnt fit shell
Number 26 on the map. The upper floors are pretty much empty, so I'd just lose those and make the lower floor the base of the building in either an apartment or a more circumspect shell, after that flora needs to be replaced with shipal and maybe even deeshan flora, the extravagant robe replaced with a standard version and a pathgrid added.
Shell: *ex_hlaalu_b_05 but seems to have been designed for a ex_hlaalu_b_26, though the shell would be different anyway so that points moot.