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2015-09-28 20:13
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Repost from here.

Quest Giver
A random NPC in a town sufficiently removed from Necrom

Quest Objective
An item
An NPC in Ghostgate of Temple Faction rank ("faras thirano"?)

Type of Quest
Delivery Quest

Temple Faction Reputation
Reputation (?, perhaps if Gold is refused)

Short Summary
Deliver the ashes of a dead family to Necrom.

Temple Faction rank of (?)
Dagoth Ur must be alive

Assets Involved
2-3 NPCs with unique dialogue
1-2 cells with unique dialogue
1 item (urn/ashes)

  1. The PC is approached in a town by a given NPC which already exists in a given location. The NPC should have additional spawns in entrance locations (bridges/docks or similar) and a force greeting when conditions are met.
  2. The NPC is asked to collect and deliver the ashes of an entire family (of which the NPC is the last living member) to Necrom so it can strengthen the Great Ghostfence. The family is notable for having largely died in the Arnesian War to Argonians skirmishers. The NPC is too old to go all the way themselves and the PC has accrued sufficient reputation to be trusted enough to do it.
  3. Since the NPC themselves know they are going to die very soon, the PC is asked to wait until they pass on. This is to be timed for 2 weeks, after which the PC gets a journal entry suggeting to check on the NPC.
  4. When inquiring in the town, the PC is informed that the NPC is dead and that their ashes have been intombed with their family in the local temple.
  5. The PC approaches a given Temple Faction member in the local temple, who had been informed of the last wishes of the NPC and hands over the urn. Alternatively, the PC might just collect the named urn without talking to anybody.
  6. If taking the urn without having talked to a Temple member, perhaps a battle involving an irate ancestor who doesn't want to leave their familiar town/is extremely unhappy about having to strengthen the Ghostgate instead of doling out advice happens.
  7. The PC travels to Necrom and delivers the urn to a contact in the Catacombs.
  8. The PC receives a gold and Temple Faction Reputation reward.
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2015-08-10 20:50
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I personally think this quest is ready to advance from the design stage.

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2016-01-19 19:35
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Transferred to asset browser. No comments, so this thread can be locked.

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