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2022-06-23 13:13
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Hunting Big Tooth

Idea behind this Mod:

The idea behind this mod was, that at the beginning of the Game your character can be skilled with all kinds of different weapons, however I didn't know where to get for example a magical spear. And since I wanted to use my chosen weapon type while still being able to explore tombs (where you either need spells or magical weapons to harm some enemies) I thought that maybe a Quest at which's end the player will get a magical starter weapon of his choice would be something good.

The Quest:

The Quest is given to you by Mandur Givyn, who you find on the path from Balmora to the Moonmoth Legion Fort. He tells you about Big Tooth, who is a seemingly terrifying creature that can be found near the road heading from Balmora to Caldera. He asks you if you are ready to go on a hunt and he promises to reward you if you bring him Big Tooth's hide.

In the back of my mind I was thinking that this quest could at a later point serve as the first quest for the Buoyant Armiger Faction Mod that I still plan on making eventually. However since this still is in the future for me, I have made this quest independent from that idea.

Enemy & NPC:

Mandur Givyn is the Quest Giver. I imagine him as an old hunter, who is physically not capable enough anymore to hunt dangerous wildlife, but who still has a passion for it and wants to wake the same passion in other's.

Big Tooth is a mean old Kagouti, who is quite aggressive and attacks any hapless wanderers that come by. He is basically a Kagouti of a bigger scale and with 200 hitpoints. He is not meant to be an enemy that is trouble for a higher level character, but he is supposed to be a challenging foe for a character that is just starting out.


The script just do simple things. "NV_Mandur_Script" adds the topic "go on a hunt" to the dialogue topic list of the player gets close to Mandur (because I had issues in vanilla Morrowind with the topic not being added right away to the dialogue window by just having it mentioned in the Greeting). It also gives Mandur the 'nolore' function.

The script "NV_BigTooth_Script" makes sure that Big Tooth is enabled once the quest is taken by the player and disabled before that.

The script "NV_SmallKag_Script" enables 2 additional smaller kagoutis at the Big Tooth encounter if the player Level is 10 or higher.

The script "NV_BT_TimePassed" is started when the player finishes the quest and he picks the type of weapon he wants. I thought it would be unrealistic of Mandur carried all types of magical weapons with him right away, that is why Mandur instead will tell the player that he will get the weapon the player chooses and that he should return at a later point. There is an entry added to the journal when the player can return to Mandur to get the chosen weapon.

Items (Reward):

The player can choose one of 5 weapons: an axe, a mace, a dagger, a longblad or a spear. They all do have the same value for selling and the same (fire) enchantment. Otherwise I attempted to make their damage output relatively low. They all are made from Silver.


There are 3 types of Greetings in 'Greetings 1' all of them are for Mandur. Then there is a new dialogue topic: 'go on a hunt'.

My native language is not English, but I tried my best to make the NPC sound nice and immersive.


All in all Hunting Big Tooth is a very short quest. I did make longer quests before ( 'The Stolen Sweetrolls' for example ), but those might be too big for a showcase. This Quest can be finished in 5-10 minutes.


btw. I won't be able to play Morrowind or use the Construction Set for a few days, but I'll be able to read this thread and maybe also be able to respond to it.



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Hello! Welcome to TR

Checked over it real quick, there's some things that need to be changed to be accepted as a showcase

1. Your IDs should all be in the TR format. TR_m#_(npc, item, or script name here). So Big Tooth would be TR_m0_Big_Tooth. (m0 = map0 = vanilla). This would be kind of painful but is unfortunately required.

2. Understand the greeting structure: Greetings in 1 are for emergency greetings, like they are running away from bandits and need your help. Greeting 5 is where your quest starts should be. Check the quest guidelines here

3. Your quest is a little light in terms of a showcase, see if you can add another NPC with dialogue, involved in some way. Most of the dialogue is just picking your rewards, which is just copy/pasting. (There are better ways of doing that with scripting in the results box, as well). I want to see that you understand tes3 dialogue and can write the same way the original quest authors write.

4. Go over some of the writing again. "I met a guy called Mandur" is not how Morrowind would phrase that. "Mandur asked me to hunt a Kagouti etc" is how that line should start.

5. Journal entries should never say "I should". The line about that should be something like "A day has passed, Mandur should have my weapon." You can't make the player want to do anything.

6. Item names like Long Blade don't need to be capitalized

7. Load TR_Data.esm as well, and ensure that NPCs have a version of the TR NPC Scripts. this is a very important step that must be followed in all TR quests

8. Add a line to latest rumors so that players could discover your quest naturally