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2020-11-16 18:00
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I joined TR for a time many years in the past. I did some work on the old redguard oblivion architecture along with some optimization of assets. I certainly wasn't all that great of a 3d modeller back then so figured it best to do another showcase. Also, I lost access to my original email linked to my oldest TR account and had made a second one so my work was under two separate accounts :/ 
I wasn't sure if it was worth the bother to try and get my old badges back.

I attatched some examples of semi-pertinent 3d art i've done in the past, along with some examples of texturing work done in Substance Painter and its implementation in Ue4. I'd love to contribute to any 3d modeling and texturing work that needs done!

I also record, produce, and master music using the Mixcraft 8 DAW with some pretty cool Waves plugins. I'm not 100% sure what audio work the community needs at the moment as I'm still getting used to the forums and seeing what's all being worked on. I've worked on 6 full length records along with numerous splits, ep's and singles: most of which are some sort of metal music and retrowave so it wouldn't be appropriate to link them here. I can, however apply any of those experiences to some audio work for the community, be it ambient tracks, music, mastering etc.



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2016-10-09 23:10
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TR did away with the asset showcase. If you give links to two of your assets that got merged (or get two new ones merged) then you'll get the developer tag.

Also, come join us in the discord: