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2016-09-21 10:44
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3 years 7 months ago

Hello all. I haven’t been to TR since before the new forums were set up (looking much nicer). Just having a nosy and seeing what’s been going on.

I used to do a lot of interior and exterior work. I’m not ready to contribute again, but I am thinking of starting to get into quest implementing, modelling and texturing in the future.

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Templar Tribe
2016-01-17 16:36
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1 year 1 month ago

Bro how can you say you're not ready to contribute again and come poking around in here. No lookie lous hahaha just kidding hope you've been doing well

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2015-12-12 23:47
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11 months 20 hours ago

Welcome! Any time you want to pitch in, go for it. Otherwise just hang out and chat.

Does: concepts, textures, youtube vids, admin stuff e.g. PR, handbook, assets, small website things. Activity level: wildly unpredictable. Still active. Find me on Discord.