Ordinator-like script for House Dres

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2018-01-15 20:40
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I'm not sure if this has already been suggested/planned, but I'd like to suggest the addition of an Ordinator-like script for House Dres armour. I love how the Ordinator script affects vanilla gameplay. The death penalty for wearing Indoril Ordinator armour makes the Ordinator Orders feel more "alive". Now. I don't want to suggest a vast array of faction-related scripts on every armour piece in the game, but this kind of script makes as much sense for House Dres, the slavers of Morrowind, as the Ordinator script does for Ordinators.

Why would this script be wanted?
Well, PC or NPC, slave or citizen, a Khajiit or Argonian wouldn't be caught dead wearing a Dres cuirass/helm. I can't see Dres slavers allowing any "beast" to wear Dres armour under (almost) any circumstance.
The death penalty for this crime seems very lore friendly.
Even when an Argonian/Khajiit PC becomes the Nerevarine, I think some Dres members should still comment about beasts wearing armour, even if they won't attack, due to your status.

I think House Dres would definitely feel more alive with such a script. I hope the bosses here agree...