Othreleth Woods Region Guide

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Ground Textures:
-ai_dirtroad - minor roads and paths
-T_De_SetInd_TxCobbleStone_01 - Veloth's Path
-T_Mw_TerrScrubOW_01 - Very common ground cover
-T_Mw_TerrScrubOW_02 - Uncommon ground cover
-T_Mw_TerrScrubOW_03/04 - Common ground cover
-T_Mw_TerrDirtOW_01 - uncommon
-T_Mw_TerrRockOW_01 - very uncommon, use around more bare sections of the woods
-T_Mw_TerrRockOW_02 - uncommon, use around the most dense sections of the woods
-T_Mw_TerrRockSH_01 - rare, use in drier sections of the woods
-Sand_02 - underwater
-T_Mw_TerrDirtMudSH_01 - around the river

Othreleth Woods is very light on rocks, use them sparingly
-T_Mw_TerrRockOW_Rock1** largely found in perimeter and transitional areas
-T_Mw_TerrRockOW_Rock2** found mainly within the deeper parts of the woods, under heavy canopies where biodiversity is greatest.
-T_Mw_TerrRockSH_Rock1** when you want to place rocks without moss
-T_Mw_TerrRockSH_Rock3** to transition from RM rocks to SH rocks

Static Flora:
-T_Mw_FloraOW_TallMush_** - common tree
-T_Mw_FloraOW_Log_** - TallMush logs
-T_Mw_FloraOW_Stump_** - TallMush stumps
-T_Mw_FloraOW_OvaryTree and OvarySprout - (uncommon/semi-common) medium sized tree
-T_Mw_FloraOW_MedMush_** - redo me
-T_Mw_FloraOW_BigMush_** - found in dense woods
-T_Mw_FloraOW_Cupling_** - parasitic grown found in dense wooded areas
-T_Mw_FloraOW_ShroudedCap_** - common bush equivelant plant
-T_Mw_FloraOW_Lichen_** - lichens to hang from mushroom trees
-T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTable** - any colour, common groundcover plant
-T_Mw_FloraTV_TreeGeran_** - found on the borders with SH and TV
-T_Mw_FloraTV_TreeZifa_** - found around the river, and on the border with SH and TV

Container Flora:
-T_Mw_Flora_BlisterSpr** - common ground cover mushroom
-T_Mw_FloraAT_OranMoss** - around the river
-T_Mw_Flora(OW)_Rockburst** - bursting from rocks
-T_Mw_FloraOW_(CoralFungi)_** - common ground cover fungus
-T_Mw_FloraOW_PoisonBloom_(01) - rare plant found only in  the most dense parts of the woods, hidden from sunlight
-T_Mw_FloraOW_(Glowshroom)_** - (un?)common mushroom that grows on both living and dead OW mushroom trees. Pair with a neon green light
-flora_(black/green/red)_lichen_** + T_Mw_Flora_Lichen** - grows on anything static plant or rock in the region
-T_Mw_Flora(OW)_(???)_01 - (container?) grows underwater, in the river and lake coranati
-T_Mw_FloraOW_(TubeFungi)_** - uncommon ground cover mushroom, more common in denser parts of the woods
-T_Mw_FloraOW_SujPod_** - grows deep in the woods in sunny patches,  also a crop?

Vertex Shading:
-Under statics: 118,88,88
-Under statics in mushroom "caves": 118,88,88
-Between textures: 131,111,111
(SH values as of now)