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2014-03-16 17:45
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For later consideration. These are TR entries that overwrite default dialogue in the original game (as in duplicates that will prevent the original game's lines, or their versions edited/fixed by mods, from being displayed by the original game's NPCs):



 my trade
non-ashlander version for the Champion class. It's only TR adding non-ashlander Champions. Not needed in vanilla.

add TR_Map condition

 killing and murder
duplicates of 3 Redoran variants that weren't conditioned, so one always overwrote the other two. There wouldn't be any harm in letting the fix apply in vanilla too, but it's the sort of thing the unofficial patches fix (eventually).

add TR_Map condition

changes "timber homes" in the original line. This is a lore conflict, so unfortunately not something the unofficial patches will fix.

 join the thieves guild
just changes "If you break these rules, you must speak with one of the Masterminds here in Vvardenfell" to "one of the Masterminds here in Morrowind". Being a "choice" and positioned just above the original line, it's unlikely to interfere even with mods (like one that would make joining the thieves guild less obvious), but in general it may be wiser to apply such edits differently: keep the overwriting entry for TR NPCs only, and edit the original entry itself in TR_Factions, making any conflicts easy to detect and manage with load order.

 telvanni councilors
may need to be moved to TR_Factions along with other Telvanni hortator edits for consistency

Dialogue that WILL need to be overwritten by duplicates (but isn't at this time):
Morrowind lore
"The native Dunmer cultures are the civilized Great House societies of House Redoran, House Hlaalu, and House Telvanni, each with their own architectures, customs, and traditions."